Ever since its debut, the Fenix Keychain Flashlight has become a crowd favorite. Its pocket-size design, easy to-use-functions, and long lasting battery life make it the ideal everyday carry for anyone in your life. While only standing less than two-inches tall, it packs a punch with a 260-lumen range and five-hour runtime. Whether for everyday errands, a lifesaver in emergency situations, or just offering the peace of mind some extra lighting brings, this small but mighty little tool will soon become a go-to part of your whole family’s daily routine.

1. The Busy Mom

She’s a superhero that works a 40-hour day and still finds the time to put a hot meal on the table every night. She uses her keychain flashlight as a trusty sidekick to get through her busy day. She especially appreciates it in the early mornings and late nights when walking to her car in the dark, popping up into the attic or down the old, rickety basement stairs to the laundry room with poor lighting. It’s especially handy in those times she needs to light up those hard-to-reach spots when searching for items that rolled under the couch or car seat, the 260 lumens make for a much better light source than her phone’s camera light. Plus, it’s the perfect size to keep in her purse while not making her keychain feel too clunky. Overall, her keychain light is her favorite little gadget to reach for in those times that arise throughout her day that would benefit from some extra line of sight.

2. The Brother Who is Always Traveling

Your brother lives out of a suitcase and wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s hardly ever home but never forgets to send you a postcard from wherever he goes, so you don’t mind. His passport and luggage are more worn out than your favorite pair of work boots so when he invests in gear, he expects it last. And with him constantly on the move to the next destination, he doesn’t keep anything around if it doesn’t fit in his suitcase. That’s why his lightweight, travel-sized keychain flashlight makes the perfect traveling companion. The durable metal frame can keep up with his nomadic lifestyle. Plus, the USB-capable rechargeable battery ensures he’s always able to get a charge in (as long as he’s got a local adaptor!).

3. The Crazy Best Friend

He’s been your best friend since you were five. And for better or worse, nothing has changed since then. You always know when you get together, he’s going to talk you into some nonsense. But you also know he’d be the first person there to help you whenever you needed it. All his gear has to be durable enough to withstand his antics. He has a habit of losing things, so being able to keep his light attached to his keychain is a huge help. His keychain light’s five-hour runtime is especially helpful when another one of his impromptu adventures leaves you two out past sundown. All in all, his keychain light is always ready to spring into action when the urge to get outside hits him.

4. The Adventurous Dad

He was always complaining about how dark it was in restaurants and he couldn’t see the menu, with or without his cheater glasses. But now that he has his keychain flashlight, he can read the fine print on the menus and the morning paper no problem. He may have retired a few years ago but he is still just as active as ever, filling his time with plenty of new hobbies and getting out into the wilderness as much as possible. Whether it be fishing or hiking he’s the same outdoorsman he was when you were a kid. He appreciates the lock feature that keeps him from accidentally turning on his light and unknowingly draining his battery. With a long-lasting charge life and battery level indication system, he can always count on his light to guide him back home at the end of another good day enjoying nature or from just running out to the shed to grab a couple of tools.

5. You

You can’t think of a day you haven’t needed to call your keychain light into action. It’s become a trusty sidekick throughout your day. Between work and play, you spend the majority of your time outside so you appreciate that it can go wherever you do. Plus the IP66 rated splashproof and dustproof rating means it’s hardy enough to handle whatever you throw its way. Your keychain flashlight is your peace of mind that you’ll be prepared for those unexpected predicaments like flat tires and power outages. The red light feature has become a personal favorite for those times when you want to maintain your night-vision while out on camping trips and need a little extra light to check your map.

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