Fenix’s flashlights are some of the brightest, most high-performing lights on the market. With regular improvements and upgrades, our new releases consist of better flashlights than ever before. We are proud to announce the latest launch of the highly anticipated PD40R V2.0 flashlight. The newest rechargeable Fenix flashlight is not only equipped with a number of new and improved features, but it is also much brighter than the average light. The PD40R V2.0 is sure to impress with its ability to throw 3000 lumens a distance of 1329 feet (405m)! It also includes an exciting new patent-pending rotating switch for its five different brightness modes. This LED flashlight was built with top-of-the-line features and is sure to become your new favorite flashlight.

Fenix PD40R Rechargeable Flashlight



With an output of 3000 lumens, the PD40R V2.0’s beam can reach a distance of 1,329 feet (405m). Light up anything near or far with it’s five different lighting modes. Ranging from 30 lumens on low mode to its maximum 3000 lumens on turbo mode, the PD40R V2.0 also comes with an additional strobe mode that throws 2,500 lumens in case of an emergency.

Easily transition through the different lighting modes via the patented rotating mode switch. The easy to use rotating switch allows for quicker on/off access and makes choosing a lighting setting easier than ever before. Rather than fumbling around trying to click a small button to change brightness modes, with a simple twist to the right, choose your desired brightness level.


Due to its USB charging and LED bulb, the PD40R V2.0 has a longer runtime of 88 hours on low mode. This flashlight is powered by an included 21700 rechargeable li-ion battery and uses a type-C charging port for easy rechargeability. Find any standard USB port, a vehicle with an adaptor, or most power blocks and charge instantly. With a bootup battery level indication, always know the status of your flashlight and conveniently recharge it when necessary.

Similar to the popular PD36R in build and size, the PD40R V2.0 is 5.4” but with a slightly larger head than the PD36R. This new flashlight provides extremely bright light despite its small build, making it the ideal flashlight for a number of situations. It’s compact build, high lumen output, and easy handling features make it a perfect flashlight for work, camping, and everyday outdoor activities.


The PD40R V2.0 was built with a number of other additional features. With an LED lifespan of 50,000 hours and an anti-roll and anti-slip body design, the PD40R V2.0 was built with more longevity, durability, and reliability than most flashlights on the market. It’s HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish makes handling easier and more comfortable while still having IP68 rated protection. This fearless light can withstand being submerged 2 meters underwater. Even equipped with reverse polarity protection to protect from improper battery insertion, the PD40R V2.0 is built with more features and improvements than ever before.


The new PD40R V2.0 is sure to become one of Fenix’s best selling flashlights with its 3000-lumen throw reaching 1329 feet (405m). Its high lumen output, easy rechargeability features, and compact size makes it the perfect lighting companion. With the ability to act as an all-purpose camping and everyday flashlight, the PD40R V2.0 rechargeable Fenix flashlight is one of the best. Use it for yourself to see the raw power and user-friendly features the PD40R V2.0 has.