Philosophy of Use
• Made for tactical applications where distance and target acquisition are vital or top priority. If you need to detect or identify the location of a target, this is your light.
• Military/Police/Home Defense/Hunting
• The TK30 has a ridiculously tight beam that is perfect for use on a rifle. Think laser beam tight. Zero spill/flood. Seriously, there is zero flood coming from the beam. My rifle setup consists of a Sig 716 DMR with an SRD762 Ti suppressor. The TK30 is mounted to it using the Fenix ALG-00 rail mount.

• Length: 6.2” (158mm)
Body: 1.0” (26mm)
Head: 1.3” (32mm)
• 5.15 oz (146g) excluding battery
• Feels pretty light weight or at least on par with the majority of the rest of Fenix’s lineup. The size works well for me in my pocket and is similar in size to my PD36R, or at least feels that way. I’m 6’3, 245 lbs.
• My rifle weighs roughly 8 lbs with any bells and whistles attached so another few ounces isn’t bad.

• Laser Classification: Class IIIb / Class 3B. The Class 3B laser stimulates a fluorescent crystal to create a broad-spectrum white light.
• 500 lumens (high)
• 100 lumens (low)
• Don’t let the lumen output fool you. This light blows away the LED lumen monsters with ease.

Beam Distance
• 3937 ft on high (1200m)
• 1969 ft on low (600m)
• I can’t stress this enough. This light throws FAR. If you need to see something a half mile or more away from you this is your light. Anything within 250 yards is lit up like a Christmas tree. If you are looking at this light, then you are looking at owning a super thrower in a handheld size package. It doesn’t disappoint one bit in regard to the beam distance.

• When the light is off, tap the tail switch to momentarily turn on the light, release it the light will go out. Fully press the tail switch to constantly turn on the light, press once again to turn off the light.
• When the light is switched on, single click the functional side switch to cycle through Low, High.
• Very easy to use and is familiar along with the rest of my lights from Fenix. Super easy to use.

• One (included) 21700 rechargeable li-ion battery or one 18650 li-ion battery (not included) for use with ALF-18 battery holder (not included).
• Included in the packaging. Fenix ARB-L21-5000U rechargeable li-ion battery, USB Type-C charging cable, lanyard, holster, spare O-ring.
• I’m glad Fenix decided to upgrade to the new battery tech in this light. The 21700 battery is a big jump from the traditional 18650 that has been the leader for the past decade.

• IP68 rated waterproof and dustproof
• Made of durable A6061-T6 aluminum.
• Unless you run over it with a tank, I don’t think you’ll ever have to worry about the durability. It’s made of some of the strongest and lightest materials on the market. The anodizing is excellent and holds up over time.
• My copy has been 100% since day 1. Zero hiccups or failure to work. A true testament to Fenix durability and reliability. The TK lineup is my favorite offering they have, primarily because I’m rough on my gear.

• $269.95
• If you’re a new member you can receive 20% off your first order plus free 3-day shipping!
• The price seems high when you look at the number itself, but you need to remember what you’re getting with this light. I live on a tight budget but after using this light for the past two months I have come to the conclusion that I’d gladly pay that price again if I ever lost it.

Track Record
• Comes with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee from Fenix Lighting USA.
• From my own experience, Fenix is a company that can be trusted and relied upon 100%. Their products are top shelf and offer years of reliable use.
• I consider Fenix a company that knows the value of taking care of their customers. Their customer service associates are very knowledgeable and courteous. Thankfully, you don’t have to take my word for it. Just look at all of the positive reviews on their website,

Final Thoughts
• I’ve tested many flashlights over the past few decades and there are definitely some very impressive lights that can throw a beam pretty far. Fenix has a hunting light in their lineup called the HT18, which I also own. It’s very impressive with it reach. At least that’s what I thought before ordering this light, the Fenix TK30. Of all the lights I’ve ever tested or used this one takes the cake and then some. I bought this light for a rifle setup based on the specs alone not knowing exactly what all goes into LEP technology. LED’s have been used for years now and so hearing about the new LEP tech got me interested. Can this light truly throw a beam 1200 meters? That was the biggest question I had. If it could throw 1200 meters, then it could handle anything around here on my property. So, I ordered the light and it came in super quick from Fenix. I charged the battery fully and waited for nightfall. A few shooting buddies of mine had come by to check out the new light since they also wanted to see the new LEP tech firsthand. We set up a few steel targets out to 200 & 800 yards and attached the light to the pic rail using the Fenix ALG-00 rail mount. I was able to illuminate the targets very quickly and effectively with the TK30 and hit both targets with accuracy using my rifle. It’s impossible to explain the sheer excitement when using this light for the first time. It’s like driving a pinto your entire life and then suddenly you have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of your dream car. The Fenix TK30 is hands down the most impressive light I’ve ever owned. It’s what I call a dream light.

• This wouldn’t be the best choice for EDC since there is zero flood/spill. Think laser beam. The Fenix PD36R would be the perfect EDC. The hotspot from the TK30 will disorient you if you shine this light on a floor or a white wall. The focus is so intense that any light bouncing back at you simply from a wall will cause you to squint and look away. It’s designed for locating targets far far far away. Mine will be mounted semi-permanently to a rifle for hunting and home defense.

• Under no circumstances could you allow kids to play with this light. It’s not your traditional LED model. You could seriously damage your eyes or someone else’s with this light. Responsible adults only.

• If you are on the fence about this light then take a minute to answer this question: Do you need a tactical advantage to use for hunting, home defense, police/military work, etc.? If you said yes, then there truly is no better time to own this light that right now. Fenix is currently only offering the TK30 to public safety and military partners. If you are a member of these groups and interested in purchasing, email and they will get you taken care of.