Accessories to your lighting gear matter because they optimize performance, extend battery life, and enhance the functionality of your Fenix lights. Consequently, these lighting accessories ensure reliability during outdoor activities.

To complement our extensive catalog of products, look at the flashlight accessories and other product accessories we offer. You can find everything from rechargeable batteries to holsters to filter adapters here. Here are our top choices. 

Fenix Lighting ALW-01 Wrist Flashlight Holder 

With the Fenix ALW-01 wrist flashlight holder, you can easily attach a small flashlight to your wrist, enabling 360° directional lighting. Also, this innovative mount frees your hands, allowing you to focus on tasks while benefiting from the convenience of hands-free illumination.

Furthermore, it offers a 360° swivel for precise light direction. We constructed these LED light accessories with durable PC material and tear-resistant nylon yarn. Also, its adjustable strap ensures a secure fit. With dimensions of 2.09" x 1.77" x 0.83" and a weight of 0.56 ounces, it's lightweight yet sturdy. 

The adjustable wrist strap ranges from 9.06" to 1.57" in size, ideal for wrists measuring 5.5" to 8.7" in diameter. It's a versatile accessory for hands-free lighting solutions. Hence, it’s ideal for small flashlights like the E12 V2.0, E18R V2.0, and PD25R.

Fenix Lighting ALD-05 Helmet Flashlight Holder

For optimal helmet flashlight attachment, rely on the Fenix Lighting ALD-05 helmet flashlight holder. This rubber suction cup strap of these light accessories ensures secure fitting on most helmets, accommodating 20-28mm body-diameter flashlights. 

Additionally, with a 360° adjustable mount, directing light precisely is effortless. Crafted from anti-static, heat, and oil-resistant rubber, it works well in any environment, offering durability and reliability.

This flashlight holder is also compatible with flashlight diameters of 20-28mm, ensuring versatility. Its 360° rotating mount allows for flexible positioning, directing light precisely where needed.

Fenix Lighting ALD-10 Quick Release Mount, GoPro Mount Adapter

Are you looking for lighting parts & accessories like a GoPro mount for your Fenix bike light? Fortunately, the Fenix Lighting ALD-10 adapter seamlessly integrates with your existing mount, offering versatility and convenience. 

Adjustable angles and a quick-release feature allow easy attachment and removal of your bike light without disturbing the mount. Plus, it comes with a standard slide track for Fenix bike lights, ensuring compatibility and hassle-free installation.

Measuring 2.64″ (67mm) x 0.94″ (24mm) x 0.79″ (20mm) and weighing just 0.35oz (10g), the Fenix ALD-10 Quick Release Mount is compact and lightweight. 

Moreover, it is compatible with all Fenix bike lights and most GoPro accessories and offers seamless integration for versatile use. The light accessories package includes the ALD-10 quick-release mount, GoPro mount adapter, and an extra mounting bolt. 

So, enjoy effortless installation and convenience with this essential accessory for your outdoor adventures.

Fenix Lighting ARE-D2 Charger And 2600 Battery Bundle

This bundle includes the versatile ARE-D2 charger and two (2) ARB-L18-2600 batteries. 

The ARE-D2 is a dual-channel smart charger compatible with various rechargeable battery types and sizes. Hence, it automatically selects the correct charging mode for Li-ion, Ni-MH, or Ni-Cd batteries. 

Furthermore, its high-definition LCD screen provides clear charging status and battery levels. Meanwhile, the ARB-L18-2600 batteries boast high capacity and safety features. 

The features of these accessories for lighting include protection against short circuits, overcharging, and overheating. Hence, they ensure reliable power for your devices.

Fenix Lighting AOD-S V2.0 Diffuser Tip 

Turn your flashlight into another useful lighting tool. Designed to fit over your flashlight’s head, this lighting accessory diffuses the light into a soft light that is perfect for illuminating large areas much like a lantern does. The tip is flat, allowing you to stand the light on a flat surface for hands-free use. 

Crafted from high-quality PC materials, it's durable, impact-resistant, and fireproof to V2 Standard, guaranteeing reliability in various conditions.

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