Fenix HT18 Philosophy of Use

• Hunting Flashlight
• When I was searching through the Fenix catalog on their website, I was on the lookout for the longest beam distance I could find in a light. I needed to be able to see as far away as possible. I found it in the Fenix HT18. This light is designed for the avid hunter for a lot of good reasons. The included red and green filters will help preserve night vision and also reduce the likelihood of spooking game. I would like to also mention it would serve as a great search and rescue light given the beam can travel extremely far distances. This would give someone the ability to cast light way up on a mountain, or, way down in a valley or cavern. I could see this as a truck light too for anyone looking to have a powerful light in their middle console. It would come in handy for signaling and getting attention in an emergency situation.

High-Quality HT18 Flashlight Features


• Length: 7.2” (184mm)
Body: 1.0” (26mm)
Head: 2.7” (68mm)
• 7.8 oz (220g)
• This light is about the same length as all of my other lights but throws a beam almost half a mile away. It’s crazy what you get with such a small light. The head is roughly 2.7 inches in diameter, which is bigger than what you’d want to put in your pocket. However, this size in diameter, coupled with a smooth reflector, is needed in order to create such a far-reaching beam. I’ve found this light works best in a backpack, or, attached to molle webbing using the included sheath.


• 1500
• Very clean and crisp beam with zero artifacts or rings in the beam pattern. The color temperature is perfect for the great outdoors. It’s just warm enough to help see the natural colors of the trees and foliage. The warmer tones are also easy on the eyes, causing less strain when walking through the woods.
• This thing is cranking out over 214,000 candela! It’s unreal how intense the beam is in the center.

Beam Distance

• 1011 yards (925m)
• This is the main reason I purchased the HT18 from Fenix. I own a lot of their handheld lights and they work great for everyday use, but I wanted the HT18 for the beam distance. It out throws all of my other flashlight’s hands down. This is a dream light for hunters, or search and rescue.


• Tap the tail switch to momentarily activate the light (release and the light will go out), fully press to constantly activate the light, then press again to turn off the light. With the light switched on, single click the side switch to cycle through Low, Med, High, Turbo. With the light switched on, press and hold the side switch for 0.8 seconds to enter strobe, single click the side switch again to turn back to the previously used general mode. The light memorizes the last selected brightness level on general mode (excluding strobe). When turned on again the previously used brightness level will be recalled.
• I’m a fan of the way Fenix structures their button layout and the user interface. It’s no different on the HT18. Stick to what works best, I always say. It’s very intuitive and easy to remember under stressful situations. Having a momentary press on/off is great when you need a quick burst of light and then back to off. The side switch serves as a battery indicator and also to toggle through the various levels of lumens. I’ve used turbo a handful of times. Usually, medium or high will easily get the job done. Strobe would be great for signaling other people or for emergencies.


• Fenix ARB-L21-5000U USB rechargeable 21700 li-ion battery, USB Type-C charging cable, ALF-18 battery holder, red light filter adapter, green light filter adapter, holster (length adjustable), lanyard, spare O-ring, spare rubber switch boot.
• I also own a Fenix PD36R as my EDC, which uses the exact same 21700 battery. It’s nice to use the same battery in both. The runtimes are out of this world compared to the 18650. One of the great aspects of the HT18 is its ability to use multiple battery choices. It comes with the ALF-18 battery holder which allows you to use an 18650 battery as a backup in case you run out of juice in the 21700 battery or don’t have a spare 21700 with you. Battery options are always a plus when out in the woods.
• The battery that comes with the HT18 uses the new USB Type-C charging. It is super-fast too. I’ve found the Fenix ARE-D2 battery charger works great since it’s also a smart charger.
• The included red and green filters are a nice touch. They are very robust and tough. There is a place on each filter that allows them to be attached to a key ring to keep them organized and from being lost. I’ve personally found the red filter to be my favorite for walking at night to our hunting location since it preserves night vision.
• It’s great to also receive a spare rubber switch boot and O-ring. The sheath and lanyard work as expected in case you plan to use them.


• IP68 rated waterproof and dustproof
• This is typical Fenix quality so there’s no way water or dust is getting into this light. It’s built like a fortress. The anodizing is top notch which means it doesn’t scratch easily. I’ve used it on a rifle mount and never had any issues with it being marked up. However, it’s a tool so if it did have marks it’s a sign it’s being used for its intended purpose. The glass lens is very durable and has an AR coating, (Anti-Reflective) which is nice. You usually see this coating only on high end lights. The threads on the tail cap are nicely lubed right out of the box. Fenix seems to always coat the threads generously which saves me from having to do it. The light comes on every time I press the tail switch and has never had a malfunction in the time I’ve had it. The battery indicator has also worked flawlessly in letting me know where the battery level is.


• $129.95
• If you’re a new member you can receive 20% off your first order plus free 3-day shipping!
• For everything that is included with this kit I’d say you are getting a lot more than what you pay for. When I opened the box, it was chock full of goodies. You have everything you need to get up and going. Factor in the discount for new members, and the free shipping, and I’d give this light two thumbs way up.

Track Record

• Comes with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee from Fenix Lighting USA.
• This is a new light from Fenix so only time will tell how long it will last. I’ve combed over the build quality a number of times and I’d say it should live up to the fit and finish standards Fenix is known for. So far, I’ve had zero issues with mine.
• Fenix is one of those companies that know the value of taking care of their customers. I’ve had to contact them once for a very minor issue and they had me taken care of in less than 3 days. They went above and beyond in resolving the minor issue I had and that’s hard to find in companies today. Their customer service associates are very knowledgeable and courteous. Plus, you don’t have to take my word for it. Just look at all of the positive reviews on their website, www.fenixlighting.com