Fenix HM61R Philosophy of Use

• Multi-Use Headlamp
• Fenix makes a lot of great headlamps and sometimes it’s hard to figure out which one to purchase. After owning multiple headlamps over the years I’ve come to favor the multi-use headlamps over the single-use headlamps. A single-use headlamp is one that remains attached to the strap without the ability to be removed and used in other capacities. A multi-use headlamp usually means the light can be detached from the strap and used as a handheld light. The Fenix HM61R is a high-performance right-angle flashlight when detached from the strap which makes it a multi-use product. The tail cap is also magnetic. These aspects make the headlamp perfect for multiple uses and various jobs. For instance, the magnet will attach and hold on tightly to anything metal, like the hood of a car, or under the car, or help free up your hands while doing routine tasks that require an extra hand. This headlamp is perfect for just about anyone who needs the convenience of a headlamp but would also like to have a flashlight that can be put in a pant pocket, shirt pocket, or attached to something metal using the magnetic tail cap.

High-Quality HM61R Headlamp Features


• Length: 4.0” (101mm)
Width: 1.8” (46mm)
Height: 1.4” (36mm)
• 3.5 oz. (99.5g) excluding battery
• This isn’t a heavy headlamp. However, it’s not the lightest headlamp either. In my experience with headlamps, this is right in the middle. I’ve worn steel body headlamps and then I’ve worn polycarbonate body headlamps. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. The HM61R is right there in the middle and that is why I like this headlamp so much. It’s just light enough to take for a long walk or jog, but then it’s also ready to do some major work when put to the task. The aluminum alloy body coupled with the powerful 18650 battery make this a workhorse of a light.


• Luminus SST40 white and red LEDs, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.
• 1200
• Of all my headlamps I like the color rendition and light output the most in the HM61R. The lumen output is perfect, and the different stages of intensity are just right. You can truly dial in the right amount of light for any project. The red LED is great for working in tight spaces or when reading in the dark. A nice touch added with the red LED is having a low and a medium, along with a flash. Being able to dial in the red light is usually not an option in most lights, but I’m glad Fenix topped this headlamp off with this option.

Beam Distance

• 476 ft (145m)
• The beam on this headlamp is nice and creamy. It’s perfect to see everything out in front of you. It has a frosted lens that truly disperses the light in every direction imaginable. The best way I can describe this is to imagine a huge wall of light out in front of you. The beam distance is something you want to be aware of though since you might need a headlamp that has a longer reach, meaning being able to see further away out in the distance. The HM61R works great as a floodlight and has some decent reach but if you need to see further away you may want to look at the Fenix HM65R which has a floodlight and spotlight. The spotlight in the HM65R will allow you to see much further away.

Functionality of the HM61R Multi-Use Headlamp

• With the lamp switched off, press and hold the side switch for 0.5 seconds, the lamp will light up on the previously used output level of white light mode. With the lamp switched off, press and hold the side switch for 1.2 seconds, the lamp will light up on Low output level of red-light mode. With the lamp switched on, press and hold the side switch for 0.5 seconds again to turn off the lamp. Simple operation with the large side switch. Magnetic charging for easy and fast operation. Battery level and charging indication. Magnetic tail, right-angled lighting. Intelligent memory circuit recalls the last used brightness level.
• I like the way Fenix programs their specific user interface in their lights. Not too many buttons to push and no silly sequences to use in order to get the light up and working. Just push and hold for a second and you’re up and running and ready to go. Press the button again to adjust the light intensity. Hold a little longer to access the red LED. I believe Fenix did an outstanding job in the layout of the controls. They really paid attention to the details in how the light is attached to the base plate and then the strap. It works so easy to remove and then put it back when you need to. You don’t have to toy around with removing the pocket clip as there is a groove on the base plate that it tucks in to. They’ve thought of it all with this headlamp.


• Fenix ARB-L18-3500 battery, magnetic charging cable, hallow headband, hallow top headband, headlamp mount, spare O-ring
• I would like to see Fenix use this style of magnetic charging on all of their lights. I don’t mind the rubber port covers on some of their lights but, in my opinion, moving parts have a better probability of failing years down the road. The setup they’ve used on the HM61R is failproof, in my opinion. It’s the easiest and quickest way to charge this light. It’s nice to also have a battery level indicator built into the power button. The battery is removeable too in case you want to charge your batteries on an external charger. I like the Fenix ARE-D1 external battery charger to charge my batteries with. It’s sold separately but is worth it since it’s also a smart charger.
• I would like to point out this light on Eco mode lasts over 300 hours. I’ve tested it because it was somewhat hard to believe but I got 305 hours on a fully charged 18650 battery. If you need it to last longer, the red light on low lasts 400 hours! That is incredible and worth noting.


• IP68 rated waterproof and dustproof
• The strap is very well made. It has reflective strips too in case you’re out working or walking in the dark close to a highway. I like the level of adjustment the strap has in case you need to wear it on a helmet, hat, or directly on top of your head. The power button has a nice texture to it and seems like it would last a lifetime or longer of presses. It’s a very well-constructed light and feels like a super high-end top-shelf product. You won’t find this level of quality from your local chain store. You’ll need to find a Fenix dealer or shop on Fenixlighting.com to pick one up. The hype is real. When someone asks me which headlamp to get, I tell them the Fenix HM61R every single time.


• $84.95
• If you’re a new member you can receive 20% off your first order plus free 3-day shipping!
• The value is there for me because it’s so useful since it’s multi-use. It’s like having two lights in one, a headlamp and then a flashlight. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used this for working on cars and then using the magnetic base to attach to the fridge at 2 am while getting a glass of water. It’s so useful in so many ways. The pocket clip rotates too in case you need to adjust the light to the left or right while it’s attached to a shirt pocket or a shoulder harness on a backpack.

Track Record

• It comes with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee from Fenix Lighting USA.
• This is a new headlamp from Fenix so only time will tell how long it will last. I’ve combed over the build quality a number of times and I’d say it should live up to the fit and finish standards Fenix is known for. So far, I’ve had zero issues with mine.
• Fenix is one of those companies that know the value of taking care of their customers. Their customer service associates are very knowledgeable and courteous. Plus, you don’t have to take my word for it. Just look at all of the positive reviews on their website, www.fenixlighting.com