Reviews of the Fenix HM65R-T on Brightness:

“I used here and there and while detailing one of my cars (one of my favorite uses for Fenix Headlamps besides interior painting) and the flood is very nice and large. The spot light is pretty much like having another Fenix PD light attached to your head. The great thing about this lamp is you are essentially receiving TWO lights for the price of ONE. You have a flood and a spot that you can use individually or together. Both are equally impressive when coming from the top of your head.”

-John G.

“That is one powerful little lamp. I love how long the battery lasts compared to my hl60R. The flood light at 400 lumens is impressive and 21+ hours of run time!!!”

-Roberto S.

“Just wow on the quality of this head light. Brightness is excellent. I am over pleased with this purchase.”

-Alan S.

“Battery lasts a long time. Plenty bright. if you have a big head it will fit tightly with adjustment fully extended.”

-David S.

Fenix HM65R-T illuminating a dark night

Reviews of the Fenix HM65R-T on Performance:

“Despite dense fog, rain and high winds almost all night long, was an absolute beast. I had about an hour of “clear” weather during the night and it really impressed me during that time. I rotated between the high flood setting and medium spot setting most of the night. When the trail got more technical, I would use the flood setting to light up everything close to me. The flood setting was great when I had to stop and pull/filter water from the springs as it allowed a nice wall of light to see what I was doing.” Read more here.

-Jeramy D.

“This is a Powerful headlamp. For the quality and price it is unbeatable.”

-Davie D.

“Very nice quality. I am not aware of any other lights in the market with the same quality and price.”

-Allan S.

“Great light! Very simple UI, well built, lightweight, amazing runtime, easy headband adjuster, and pretty good LED’s”

-Jaron H.

“The headlamp is very bright and high quality. I also love the design of the headband. 5 Stars for this product !”

-Duy D.

Reviews of the Fenix HM65R-T on Durability:

“Built like a component of a fighter jet. Light, tough, works as advertised. Head strap is comfortable and works. Love the dual lenses and replaceable, rechargeable battery that takes USB-C, which I have an abundance of (every modern laptop computer uses this). With the flood on low, it lasts for days. With both on high, it is ridiculously bright.”


“5.0 out of 5 stars-At last a great headlamp!

I had them all – petzl, black diamond, coast, energizer and many more – some cheap, some expensive. All are total junk compared to this lamp. Made out of aluminum, virtually indestructible. EASY TO USE, I am looking at you Black Diamond. If I wanted to learn Morse Code I dont need a headlamp for it and its idiotic single button triple clicks and five second button holds.

Fenix comes with two buttons, is usb rechargeable but the battery can be easily replaced. The headband is gloriously comfortable.

Excellent, excellent product.”

-Grzegorz L.

Reviews of the Fenix HM65R-T on Fit:

“This light is the jack of all hats!!!! The band is a game changer if you live in a cold climate. I change my type of hat all the time. Before this light I would just have to keep a hat on if I got too warm because I didn’t want to waste time fixing the band but with this it takes less than a second to get a perfect fit every time! Oh and it blows everything else out of the water when it comes to light-the two LEDs are a match made in heaven. The flood light is great for working in the house if the power goes out and the spotlight works great for working in the woods or walking at night! I have a ton of fenix lights and headlamps, they’re all great! This thing is the most useful, most versatile and comfortable light I have ever owned!!! If you’re looking for a headlamp first pick fenix they’re the best and most fairly priced after that pick the HM65R-T” – Brent D.

“Finally! I’m 7 1/4 and the current model fits well with a bit left to spare. Housing is durable and variable light is excellent. Used it for 40 min. (on low) and batt still shows as full. Durability also means I feel the weight on the front of the band but it’s not an issue.”

-Canuto B.

“I love this headlamp! The strap is super comfortable and easy to dial in to the perfect tension. Everything about this light is easy and intuitive. The light performance and battery longevity are outstanding!”

– Kelly T.

HM65R-T Rechargeable Headlamp

If the HM65R-T headlamp still somehow doesn’t sound like the light you are looking for, we offer a wide variety of other high-performance lighting solutions for you to choose from. Whether you are searching for a headlamp, flashlight, lantern, or bike light, Fenix has got you covered. Check out our selection of lights to fit whatever you need, whether it’s for work or play.