When it comes to backpacking gear, lightweight and small is the name of the game. The Fenix CL26R lantern is the best backpacking lantern because of just that. It is equipped with high-quality features to ensure you have the best and most reliable light source on your outdoor trips. Experienced backpackers will love how lightweight, compact, and super bright the CL26R lantern is. Despite its small size, the CL26R can throw bright light while withstanding extreme weather conditions making it the perfect companion on your next backcountry excursion.


The CL26R is the best backpacking lantern because of its compact size and lightweight build. This tiny lantern sizes in at 3.8” and only weighs 4.1 oz. (116g excluding battery). Store it in your backpack or hold it in your pocket for easily accessible lighting on your next backpacking trip.



The CL26R creates incredibly light for such a small lantern. Built with a lot of power despite its 3.8” size, on its highest setting the CL26R can throw 400 lumens of neutral white light. This light can also provide backpackers with up to 90 hours of light on the lowest setting from one 16340 or CR123A battery. With a beam diameter of 33ft (10m), this super bright LED lantern is equipped with a bright enough light for any backpacking trip.


Multi-Purpose Lighting Modes

The CL26R is built with all of the essential features necessary for backpacking. It’s portable and compact size isn’t the only reason why it is the perfect backpacking companion. The CL26R is equipped with ultra-bright light and it can also cycle through multiple different lighting modes. The red mode is softer on the eyes for reading or working in the dark while the white light is used to see further distances while also creating a better contrast at night.

Durability & Versatility

The CL26R lantern not only has numerous lighting modes to choose from, but it is also built with durability and versatility to provide light in the most extreme weather conditions. Made with a tough exterior build, the CL26R is IP66 rated so could even help you out in the midst of a rainstorm or dust storm. Use the CL26R with confidence knowing it can handle tough drops and extreme conditions.

The CL26R is also a great backpacking lantern because it provides light from all angles. With a 360 degree illumination, this compact lantern can be used to light up a camping area or a tent. The CL26R also contains a hanging loop to easily hang your backpacking lantern. Strap the CL26R onto your backpack or hang it in a tent for easily accessible light.


While Fenix offers various camping lanterns, the CL26R is undoubtedly the best backpacking lantern. It combines portability with super bright light and versatile features to be an amazing backpacking companion. Equipped with a long battery life, a long-running time, and ultra-bright light, the CL26R is the most reliable lantern for even the most extreme backpacking trips.