To stay aware and make good decisions, illumination is beyond critical: the ability to see, search, and engage is of prime importance, right after safeguarding your team’s safety and that of others in the vicinity. Doing so requires agile, capable lighting made for years of callouts.

Fenix PD36 TAC

Fenix PD36TAC tactical flashlight in hand

With success in jurisdictions across the U.S, Fenix pursued the power of their ‘PD’ Series of tactical LED flashlights. Effective in security and search-and-rescue settings, these lights flex and flow to match the situation, even with life-altering outcomes on the line.

Fenix PD36 TAC Operational Performance

The Fenix PD36 TAC delivers top-tier operational performance, boosting output and switching control. With a manageable size and shape, this tactical flashlight excels as a primary holstered light or clipped-and-ready back-up light.

Compact Tactical Flashlight

WHEN READINESS IS A PRIORITY, the Fenix PD36 TAC boldly claims the day – or night – in a 5.51” length with a diameter that peaks at only 1.04” in the head. Slim enough to slip, tuck, or clip nearly anywhere, it is among the few tactical lights with such adaptability.

Dual Toggle Tail Switch

IF SURE SWITCHING COUNTS, the three-position toggle tail switch darts between the bright + strobe Tactical Mode to the all-access Duty Mode. In between, the Lockout Mode guards against accidental, runtime-robbing activation. Control is where the Fenix PD36 TAC shines.

Textured Grip

IN A WET, SLIPPERY WORLD, this tactical flashlight’s ribbed design makes rapid deployment a reliable reality. It is hard to grip wrong in even dicey weather, PD36 TAC holds strong and steady in any preferred carry position. With tail controls, including tap and depress functions, the light suits both small and large hands.

Far-Reaching Beam Throw

PD36TAC flashlight in dark warehouse

TO MOVE FROM CLOSE-IN TO FAR-REACHING, this powerhouse extends to 899ft with a compact reflector design that provokes wonder among competitive developers. PD36 TAC assists as close as 12” in 30-lumen Eco Mode.

Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

BECAUSE LASTING VALUE COUNTS, the Fenix PD36 TAC comes service-ready at a price that allows plenty of room for extra 21700 rechargeable batteries, accessories, and even additional Fenix tactical lights

With an included holster, charging cable, and spare O-ring standard, this tactical LED flashlight elevates rechargeable lights to the Tactical Heroes level,as others drop out from shortcomings in durability, longevity, and switching reliability.

Reliable Tactical Flashlights

Made to be gripped solidly and operated confidently, FENIX TACTICAL HEROES promote mission-critical situational awareness for various scenarios to accomplish three objectives:

  • STAY SAFE as part of your responsive team
  • PROTECT OTHERS along with their property
  • OVERCOME CHALLENGES to serve boldly

Taking risks comes with the territory, but so does gaining any practical, tactical advantage. Fenix offers sensible pricing, backed securely by a U.S. service center, well-staffed warranty benches, and receptive customer representatives. Public safety professionals trust Fenix for a superior mix of features, performance, and value.

Variables in tactical flashlight performance become fewer while the ability to deploy across all scenarios increases steadily and noticeably. Recently appointed officers and search team members, and their seasoned mentors can gain confidence in working together.

See clearly. Decide wisely. Act confidently. Only with Fenix Tactical Heroes, the sensible choice for practical public safety, security, and SAR tactical LED flashlights. The mission demands no less. Your life and career have never been more worth it.