Redefining the Rechargeable EDC Flashlight

It wasn’t so long ago that a battery-and-bulb flashlight’s endurance got measured in minutes. And its lifecycle was a couple of years in the best of cases. Not only was performance lacking, but longevity was nearly non-existent.

The advent of high-reliability LEDs brought a new era to flashlight performance. Still, many batteries and power management circuits were more Neanderthal than Next-Generation: Making them bigger and heavier did nothing to keep them in the field longer.

Almost like the race to reach the moon or to orbit a space station, companies jumped in to find the sweet spot. A place where LED flashlight performance didn’t fall victim to premature power loss. Or the flashlight user needed to do weight training to heft their flashlight.

For the vast majority of users, this light needs to fit the Everyday Carry Flashlights (EDC) category. This is where the LED flashlight is compact and light enough to fit in a pocket, pack, drawer or vehicle console.

The adventurous minds at Fenix viewed this challenge as one worthy of their best efforts. Particularly in transforming easy-handling lights into rechargeable EDC flashlights. Here, the convergence of utility, lasting value, and environmental responsibility made the introduction of a new standard possible.

Welcome Home. Anywhere.

Fenix EDC LED Flashlights are where technology, practical operation, and long-term value intersect. Past industry challenges and limitations have been successfully addressed across a variety of output, battery, and switching platforms.

Perhaps surprisingly, the range of rechargeable EDC flashlights looks more divergent than would be expected for such a well-defined category. But that’s where understanding the differences in users and applications comes into play.

Only a company with global experience is capable of refining designs to fit the narrower parameters of the best EDC flashlights; small footprint, reliable operation, efficient battery use, and meaningful output levels. That’s why Fenix stands apart.

E28r rechargeable flashlight


From the lab bench to a world of test-proven scenarios comes the Fenix E28R Rechargeable Flashlight. It employs a single side switch to pump 1500 lumens up to 656 ft (200 m). Confident operation turns a soft, balanced beam into functional lighting powered by a USB Type-C rechargeable 18650 battery; complete with a level indicator.

The scenarios in which the Fenix E28R Rechargeable Flashlight excel are numerous. And growing every day (and night). Complete with a battery level indicator, this compact light simply redefines the rechargeable EDC flashlight category with its first activation.

Take five situations for starters. While each one is different, they all rely upon high quality standards produced with consistency. What’s more, they build on the Fenix E28R’s reputation among professional users around the world.

IF FAST-ACTION IS THE GAME, the Fenix E28R Rechargeable Flashlight is on the case in less than an instant. A single side switch activates the light, switching confidently and rapidly across six modes; hesitation is banished as simply pressing the reliable switch hits the mark.

IN A WORLD OF ENERGY CONSCIOUSNESS, the included 3400mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery turns a proven 18650 platform into repeatability. Known for rapid and full charging, this cell employs USB Type-C fast charging; optional CR123A cells provide peace of mind.

NO MATTER THE DISTANCE AHEAD, the Fenix E28R Rechargeable Flashlight is a long-throwing champion, pushing a distance of 656 ft (200 m). Intelligent reflector design and an ultrathin optical lens create a soft, balanced beam good around people, vehicles, and animals.

Two More Make for a No-excuses Rechargeable EDC Flashlight

TO GRAB AND GO, this LED flashlight extends a mere 4.29” (109mm), with a body diameter of 0.89” (22.6mm) and head dimension of 1.04” (26.5mm). Floating across the scale at a weight of only 2.33 oz (66g) excluding batteries, the Fenix E28R Rechargeable Flashlight earns respect as a compact, professional-grade tool.

IN HOME, HOBBY, AND RECREATIONAL SETTINGS, the Fenix E28R Rechargeable Flashlight exceeds the specifications for functionality, storage, and longevity. With a body tube crafted from A6061-T6 aluminum, this LED flashlight is made for the long game. Even in up-close lighting situations.

The runtime exceeding 73 hrs in Eco mode further rewards the wise purchaser of this rechargeable EDC flashlight. As does the IP68 rating of waterproof underwater to 2m, along with being dustproof. Drop-prone? The Fenix E28R Rechargeable Flashlight covers the impact to a full 1m.

Where Fenix Everyday Carry Flashlights Excel

The positive outcomes you’ll get from using Fenix EDC LED flashlights can be captured in three ways. Each has great benefits, and together they produce a flashlight that’s always ready to respond.

ANTICIPATE CONDITIONS, from clear-sky nights to musty and dark basements. Covering evening to daytime scenarios that require instant light, Fenix everyday carry flashlights deliver accurate visibility both in open spaces and tight places. Compact size plus powerful beams add up to agile lighting that works hard at up to moderate distances.

OPTIMIZE SWITCHING to find the balance between beam and runtime. What’s more, modest output levels often make for the most helpful illumination. That means close-up, detailed examination or repair tasks benefit from quick switching at under 200 lumens. All while maintaining easy, hands-on switching to jump to higher output as needed from the best EDC flashlight.

MAXIMIZE VALUE to make a Fenix EDC LED flashlight a worthy companion in casual, professional, and recreational settings. Not only because their durability means a longer working life. But the wise use of battery and recharging technology keeps the cost of operating the light down to earth. And Fenix includes replacement O-rings for even more longevity and value.

fenix e28r ansi specs

Success is no Coincidence

There are five reasons Fenix EDC flashlights are ANYWHERE ESSENTIALS. Across models and modes, they are what continue to satisfy tens of thousands of existing and new LED flashlight users every day. Including those benefiting from an AA-powered performer.

THOUGHTFUL MODES AND LEVELS are what allow each LED flashlight user to carry with confidence and reflect changing conditions. Each model’s specific illumination options fit specific scenarios, from home improvement to travel, work, hobbies, and recreation.

SWITCHING ERGONOMICS fit a wide range of hand sizes: No matter whether the EDC flashlight needs to be deployed in damp, wet, dusty, cold, or hot conditions. At no time does the ability to control the light become a challenge.

FLASHLIGHT CONSTRUCTION is a reflection of Fenix’s global leadership that hinges on extensive testing. Even the most basic decisions on output levels and modes come from lab research as well as field experience with the best EDC flashlights.

That’s Three Out of Five

POWER MANAGEMENT extracts the highest performance out of every replaceable battery or charge. And everyday carry flashlight models with high outputs are actively managed to notch down their brightness to conserve valuable power.

COMPACT DESIGNS never take over pocket, pack, vehicle console, tool drawer, or workbench. In fact, Fenix EDC LED flashlights are known for their modest sizes that still skillfully manage heat build-up and allow secure handling as well.

These five attributes, plus U.S.-centered warranty and service, are what make Fenix Everyday Carry Flashlights an easy choice for demanding users. Priced for true value, these LED flashlights are sensible options for novice and experienced users alike.

Put Power in the Right Hands

With the Fenix E28R Rechargeable Flashlight, all the barriers to success with a rechargeable EDC flashlight have been removed. No longer does the biggest flashlight available suffice, nor does an active user need to be limited to keychain flashlights.

Here and now, Turbo and Strobe modes combine with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee from Fenix Lighting USA in a total approach to EDC illumination. At a price from which it is nearly impossible to walk away: with no reason to hesitate in grabbing the future of rechargeable lighting.

Fenix has proven its worth as a companion to professionals who trust their livelihoods, even lives, to their ability to see clearly in every scenario. With confidence in the light they hold. This, along with embracing five key attributes; thoughtful modes and levels, switching ergonomics, flashlight construction, power management, and compact designs.

Step down the hall or into the world with a real sense of being prepared. Each and every day. Anticipate conditions. Optimize switching. Maximize value. And find utility at every turn.

fenix e28r flashlight beam camping