CL09 Lantern

Ambassador John G.

I ordered a batch of several lights recently and have been messing around with them for several days and nights and thought I’d grab this lantern and didn’t think I’d wind up liking it much and was planning on giving to someone.

This little thing has four modes plus red and green. I am still not sure what green is used for but I know deer hunters will use red to get into and out of the woods.

I took this out and messed around with it and while I’m not a fan of twisting to turn a light on and twisting on and off to brighten or cycle, it is probably the easiest and best thing for this light. I can’t imagine anyone is going to do anything with it other than get it on the setting they want and hang it off of their coat or something else or use the magnetic end to affix it to something to utilize the light.

Speaking of the magnetic end, wow is that something that could be handy at times and probably as handy as the wire hanger on that end!

Now when I see 200 lumens I’m immediately disappointed but this 3″ lantern sure seems brighter to me. You will get an idea of it in my picture. I sat it on a deck post on turbo, which will last nearly 3 hours, and snapped the attached picture! Pretty impressive. Would be great in a tent, on your coat, and I suspect you could probably even jog with this on and not really notice it hitting you as you ran.

With the red option you could use this for hunting to sneak into and out of the woods and it would provide more than enough light for you to do so. You could hold it or clip it on your coat or vest with a carabiner.

Being only 3″ this lantern is only powered by the smaller Fenix battery but fear not, even on Turbo it will run for nearly 3 hours. On high you will get close to 6 hours!

I’m now having second thoughts on giving this to a buddy that deer hunts after playing with it a few times. He may just have to buy his own!

This review doesn’t mean that this is a “hunting” light. Honestly it could be anything you want it to be from you or your significant other’s car cupholder light to a purse light to jogging, hunting, etc.

If you buy this to give as a gift, you might as well save yourself some time and trouble and get yourself one at the same time! Trust me on that. I’ve convinced myself now as I have written that this that my friend is on his own. I will provide him the link to order one!