HL60R Rechargeable Headlamp Review

As a Mechanic I need the use of both of my hands. I also need to see what they are doing. In the past, when I worked on the F-15 Eagle in the USAF, we would have to post a flashlight in some corner where we were working and try to get it to light up the area we were working on. Those days are in the past. It floods any area with enough light to fully see my job. It’s out of the way and allows me to use both my hands without worrying about hitting the right spot with the light. It has five levels of brightness and I usually only need the midrange. The battery last me for over a week while I’m at work and it recharges directly into the headlamp. No need to keep up with extra batteries and a separate charger anymore. When it starts to get low, I finish my job and plug it straight into the wall. It has everything I want in a dependable and durable light. It’s light weight, waterproof, and tough as nails. You can’t beat it so I don’t try. Best tool I’ve bought for my job.

– Scott J., Fenix Ambassador