From technical knowledge to safety precautions, industrial settings require you to be precise about everything you do. You are mostly in an environment where a small error can cause big damage. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that most professions such as electricians, construction site workers, warehouse personnel, stock handlers, and others are equipped with protective equipment.

Hard hats are one such piece of equipment. Along with hard hats, you will most likely need to be equipped with a headlamp that can keep your surroundings well-illuminated and enable you to operate hands-free.

However, not all headlamps are created equal.

Headlamps for hard hats need to fit well and they also need to be rugged. At Fenix, we go a step further by designing rechargeable headlamps with additional features that can be extremely useful in industrial settings. Let’s take a look at a few.

rechargeable headlamp

What Are the Best Rechargeable Headlamps To Wear With a Hard Hat?

The rechargeable headlamps we recommend wearing over your hard hat are:

  • HM70R: when you need to do it all
  • HP16R: when a long runtime is a necessary feature
  • HP30R V2.0: when you are looking for the most poweful light
  • WH23R: with smart motion sensor

Each rechargeable headlamp has high-performance features to help you meet all your lighting demands, from large switches you can use while wearing gloves to a detachable right-angle flashlight. With any of these lights, you’ll be ready to tackle work tasks in any light setting.


HM70R: The Workhorse Built to Keep Up With You

Whether you are in the construction business or are a search and rescue professional, you need a light that can perform equally well no matter the lighting conditions. The high-performance Fenix HM70R, with its ability to throw 1600 lumens of bright light and a continuous runtime of 100 hours, is a rechargeable headlamp that is sure to meet your needs.

Its large, glove-friendly switch makes it easy to operate while its multiple modes provide just the right type of light for the different tasks you may need to perform. Specifically, in addition to other useful modes, the light’s Functional Mode provides a red light for up-close tasks and a red flash that you can use for signaling.

Don’t worry about a rugged work environment. The hidden USB-C port on this rechargeable headlamp adds to its IP68 dustpoof/waterproof rating. The headlamp’s lockout feature is especially useful in ensuring the light doesn’t turn on by mistake and drain out the battery.

Which Features Make the HM70R Good To Wear With a Hard Hat?

In addition to its powerful 1600 lumens, multiple modes and other incredible features, the HM70R’s tilt mechanism also easily adjusts the light beam and directs it wherever you need it.

Its easy operation via the glove-friendly switch allows you to quickly switch between the various modes without needing to take the light off your hard hat. The HM70R’s intelligent memory features enable this rechargeable headlamp to remember your last-used setting so you can simply wear the headlamp knowing you will have the perfect light for your needs.


HP16R: All-Purpose Lighting With a Long Runtime

If you often find yourself working with shifting lighting conditions and shifting schedules, you will find a reliable partner in the HP16R. Its powerful performance is only rivaled by its long runtime. This rechargeable headlamp can blast up to 1250 lumens and delivers a runtime of up to 300 hours on its lowest floodlight brightness level. You can extend the runtime if you carry along extra AA batteries.

The HP16R’s neutral white LED floodlight produces a warm light that offers better color rendering, making it easy to identify various tools, wires, or objects you work with. The lock out function helps avoid accidental activation.

Which Features Make the HP16R Good To Wear With a Hard Hat?

Two traits that make HP16R rechargeable headlamps perfect for hard hats are adaptability and stability. Regardless of where you work, it’s important to have an adaptable light that meets the needs of multi-angle operations like electrical and plumbing work. The HP16R’s 60° tilt mechanism lets you aim the light beam where needed. In addition, the headband’s separate lamp and battery case design provides superior stability, so the headlamp stays firmly in place on your hard hat and remains comfortable to wear.

HP30R V2.0

HP30R V2.0: The Most Powerful Headlamp

If you are someone who believes that “more is more,” the HP30R V2.0 may become your favorite piece of gear to carry along. This professional headlamp comes with a separate battery case that contains two high-capacity 5000mAh batteries —allowing this headlamp to blast an amazing 3000 lumens of light which can illuminate a distance of almost 300 yards. That extra power can also be used as a power bank to charge other devices. Carry fewer items while also illuminating your workspace with this powerful headlamp.

Which Features Make the HP30R V2.0 Good To Wear With a Hard Hat?

Other than its extreme power, the HP30R V2.0’s durable design withstands extreme temperatures making it suitable for various work environments. The headlamp’s IP66 rating protects it from heavy rain and dust, so you can wear it on your hard hat in dusty or wet conditions.

Providing a runtime of 120 hours on Low, you don’t need to worry about taking the headlamp off to check on its battery performance. The combination of spotlight and floodlight make the HP30R V2.0 suitable for various indoor and outdoor environments. The 0.1 second instant-one with the rotating switch makes it easy to use. A helmet hook combined with a separate lamp and battery back design ensure weight is evenly distributed and the light sits firmly as intended.


WH23R: The Rechargeable Headlamp That Raises the Benchmark

Firefighters, electrical technicians, construction professionals or simply anyone that relies on the handsfree nature of their headlamps to get their work done will love the Fenix WH23R.

These feature-packed, USB rechargeable lights come with a smart motion sensor. Quickly turn the light on and off by simply waving your hand in front of the headlamp. The WH23R is perfect for worksites where you may often find your hands muddy or occupied with a bunch of tools and equipment.

When your mind is on a task and you are physically mobile, the last thing you need is complex operating procedures on your gear. This rechargeable headlamp comes with a glove-friendly rotary switch that can be used to operate its seven light modes.

Not only is the WH23R IP66-rated making it dustproof and heavy splashproof, but it is also oil resistant and impact resistant up to 2 meters making it ready for the toughest of work conditions.

Which Features Make the WH23R Good To Wear With a Hard Hat?

In addition to its other features, the smart motion sensor combined with the large rotary switch on the WH23R makes it an excellent choice to wear with your hard hat. Don’t bother about fumbling with switches when you can operate the light with a simple wave of your hand.

Having a single rotary switch to switch between modes also prevents you from fumbling with the light when you have it on your hard hat.

Light Up Your Work Performance With Fenix

Rechargeable headlamps and hard hats are essential for working safely on construction sites and other hazardous environments. Whether you need a versatile rechargeable headlamp or a headlamp/flashlight combo, Fenix’s selection of headlamps has something for everyone.