Thunder, lightning, rain – and suddenly your entire neighborhood plunges into darkness. When the weather takes a turn for the worst, it usually also catches you off guard.

However, you can prepare for the unexpected by equipping yourself with the right emergency tools that will see you through challenging weather conditions.

Headlamps are one such tool. You may feel like you never use them but when the time comes, you’ll be glad you stashed one (or a few) in your preparedness kit.

Depending on your use-case, you may look for specific features in headlamps but the best headlamps for storm season should have a few necessary features.

How to Select the Best Headlamps for Storm Season

Look for:

Power Options – The last thing you want on your hands during a power outage is a headlamp that won’t turn on because the battery is dead! The best headlamps for storm season will offer you reliable power options and battery indicators that won’t catch you by surprise.

Long Runtimes – This is an absolutely necessary feature that you should look for when you are preparing your storm emergency kit. Pick a headlamp that won’t die on you within just a few hours.

High Lumens – When all the power in your area goes off, you can expect to be caught in pitch darkness. Add debris, potholes, critters, and more that make themselves visible during rains and storms and you’ll see why it’s important to have a headlamp that can deliver bright light.

Waterproof, Impact Resistance – While most lights may work just fine under normal conditions, preparing yourself for an emergency means your tools should be able to weather any environmental conditions you may experience. The best headlamps for stormy seasons will have an IP66 or IP68 rating and a solid impact resistant body.

Comfortable Wear – You may be wearing a headlamp for extended periods of time during power outages. Make sure that the one you have is comfortable to wear.

Most Fenix headlamps come with features that are designed to maximize performance. But we’ve selected some of the best headlamps from Fenix that are especially great to keep handy during the stormy season.

HM61R V2.0

HM61R V2.0 – The Best Headlamp Offering Versatility

If we had one word to describe the Fenix HM61R V2.0, we’d call it a super-performer. Offering 1600 lumens, this is an extremely bright headlamp that also has a maximum beam distance of 531 ft (162 m) – more than enough to light up vast stretches of darkness.

Equipped with a large, glove-friendly switch, this rechargeable headlamp offers five brightness levels including Turbo that can prove to be useful in case of any emergency during a storm. Another feature that makes the HM61R V2.0 one of the best headlamps you can have is the ability to use it not only as a headlamp but also as a right-angled flashlight. Simply remove it from its headband to use it as a flashlight, or use its magnetic tail to attach it to most metal surfaces for additional hands-free lighting.

In addition to its multi-carry design, the HM61R V2.0 also has a maximum runtime of 300 hours on Low ensuring that you can always see your surroundings and make your way even through extended power outages.


HM71R – The Best Headlamp That Meets Any Lighting Needs

Offering eight lighting modes that can be easily accessed via a large, glove-friendly switch, the Fenix HM71R is one of the best headlamps to keep handy at all times, but especially during storm season. Capable of throwing a maximum of 2700 lumens on its Spotlight mode, this rechargeable headlamp can pierce through the darkest of nights.

Even if there is no widespread power outage in your neighborhood, you may experience a tripped wire or another smaller concern you want to quickly address yourself. In this case, the HM71R’s neutral floodlight mode provides better color rendering.

Providing a runtime of up to 400 hours on Low and IP68-rated, this is one of the best headlamps to have on you during this storm season.


HM65R-T – The Best Headlamp That Delivers Comfort and Maximum Control

An upgrade to the best-selling HM65R, the Fenix HM65R-T features a SPORT headband that’s perfect for extended wear. A patented rotary dial enables you to adjust the headband to your precise fit.

Its magnesium alloy body not only makes the HM65R lightweight (weighing only 3.21 oz. (91g) excluding battery), but also extremely strong and durable – making it one of the best headlamps to use during unpredictable weather conditions. An independently controlled spotlight and a floodlight produce a combined maximum of 1500 lumens of neutral and white light making this a high-performance headlamp that you can rely on.


HL18R-T – The Best Headlamp Built to Go Miles

The Fenix HL18R-T comes with several useful features, but some that you will find particularly useful during the stormy season are this headlamp’s multiple modes, including SOS, and its ability to function via a rechargeable battery or AAA batteries. If you are stuck without electricity or find yourself in another type of emergency, the HL18R-T will prove to be one of the best headlamps you can count on.

Capable of throwing a maximum of 500 lumens, this rechargeable headlamp also comes with a battery level indicator so you are absolutely prepared no matter how dynamic a situation is. Add its IP66 rating and its tilt mechanism that allows you to direct light in any direction you need and you’ll see why this is one of Fenix’s best headlamps to always keep on hand.

Find Stability in Any Storm With Fenix’s Best Headlamps

As we gear up for stormy weather and the unpredictability it brings, remember that being prepared is the key to staying safe and secure. Don't let the darkness catch you off guard. Invest in the best headlamps that are tailored for storm season, and you'll gain the confidence to navigate through any power outage or adverse weather conditions.