custom tactical flashlight

Trying to find a memorable gift for a tactical professional, either a colleague, relative, friend, or employee? Why not consider a custom tactical flashlight? A custom gift shows care and consideration, and a high-quality flashlight will let the recipient know you care about their safety. There’s also nothing like seeing someone open their present to see a well-made quality tool designed just for them. Tactical professionals will love the construction and thoughtful features, which are built keeping their lifestyle and needs in mind.

Fenix tactical lights are the best on the market so your recipient will know you cared enough to not just get the best tactical flashlight for them but also customize it. A customized tactical flashlight adds another layer of pride and ownership for your recipient.

How to Customize a Fenix Flashlight

We know the holiday season is a busy time, so we made it extremely easy to customize a flashlight with your own design or one of our existing templates.

To get started, first visit our custom shop. Here you can select from some of the best Fenix tactical flashlights and pick the one you’d like to personalize. Once you’ve chosen the Fenix tactical flashlight you’d like, simply upload an image of your design. After that, preview your purchase and place your order.
We also offer pre-designed templates for a variety of interests, professions, and personal preferences. When ordering one of our pre-designed templates, just pick your flashlight and choose from one of the designs, then order.

Choosing the Best Custom Flashlight

Now that you know how to customize a flashlight, it’s time to pick the best flashlight for your recipients. Fenix’s tactical lights are an essential tool for any tactical professional, including law enforcement, security, or military. In high-pressure, dynamic situations, a reliable, high-quality light is often the professional’s best defense. Fenix’s tactical lights have different features for a variety of situations, so we created this guide to help you choose the best custom flashlight for the tactical professional in your life.

Remember, all of these flashlights can be easily personalized in our custom shop.

Features to Look for in a Tactical Light

Fenix PD36 TAC

While you can’t go wrong customizing any of Fenix’s tactical flashlights, it’s helpful to know some of the defining features of each of our best custom flashlights. Tactical professionals have different flashlight requirements than the general population, and we’ve taken these needs into consideration with our tactical lights. Here are the top features to think about when shopping for a custom flashlight gift.

Tactical Tail Switch

All tactical professionals need to be able to turn on their lights at a moment’s notice, choosing the correct brightness level for the situation. The Fenix PD36 TAC has a rotary toggle switch on the tail that allows the user to switch between Tactical Mode (this limits the light to the highest brightness level and strobe) and Duty Mode (gives the user access to all the lighting modes). This light is made especially for law enforcement professionals, and it’s impact-resistant and has an IP68 rating, which means it's dustproof and waterproof. Your custom flashlight gift will be able to weather any situation and will be at the ready whenever needed.

Ultra-Long Battery Life

Fenix TK16 V2.0 Tactical Flashlight

A dead battery in a tactical flashlight could jeopardize the safety of a tactical professional. When on duty, law enforcement, military, and security need to be able to rely on their flashlight’s battery.

The Fenix TK16 V2.0 Tactical Flashlight has a 5000mAh li-ion battery which can run for 43 hours and 20 minutes on a single charge at its lowest setting. What’s more, this light is incredibly bright. It can throw a maximum of 3100 lumens across 1247 ft (380 m). Another great feature that will be appreciated by tactical professionals is the stainless steel strike bezel with tungsten steel breaking tips, which can be used to break glass and in self-defense.

Multiple Lighting Modes

Different tactical situations call for a variety of lighting modes, so law enforcement, military, and security personnel need different levels of brightness for indoors, outside, or for self-defense.

The Fenix TK20R V2.0 Rechargeable Tac Flashlight has six different lighting modes for tactical tasks like patrolling, searching, and inspecting. In addition, the light has an instant-on blinding strobe that provides enhanced self-defense capabilities.

The Best Custom Flashlights for Those Who Put Others’ Safety First

It can be hard to know what to give a detail-oriented, perfection-seeking tactical professional in your life. A custom tactical flashlight is the perfect gift for your peers or department heads as a way to show your admiration and respect. Choose from one of our pre-designed templates or upload your custom image or logo for a truly personalized gift the recipient will truly appreciate.