Fenix’s USB rechargeable camping lights are built with the same durability and reliability as our battery-operated lights, but you will never run out of juice when a port is nearby. Fenix offers rechargeable flashlights, lanterns, and headlamps that are less costly over the life of the light, more convenient, and environmentally friendly. Our bright rechargeable camping lights come in all shapes and sizes as well as extremely bright light output up to 1600 lumens! We’re sure to have a rechargeable camping light that is right for your outdoor excursions.

What are the 3 Top Rechargeable Camping Lights?

The HM50R V2.0, the CL30R, and the PD36R are the top 3 rechargeable camping lights. These camping lights are designed to provide you with the best lighting no matter where you are but especially when you are outdoors. Built with bright light, long-lasting light, and more helpful features, bring them on your next trip to have the best camping experience.

Rechargeable LED Camping Headlamp

Fenix rechargeable flashlights are not only more powerful because of their Lithium-ion batteries, but they provide brighter light for longer. For hands-free lighting around the campfire, add a headlamp to your camping gear. The HM50R V2.0 can throw 700 lumens over 377 ft (115 m) in Turbo mode and can run a maximum of 42 hours in Low mode. The HM50R V2.0 is a unique rechargeable camping light because it acts as a headlamp and flashlight in one. The lamp can be removed from the headband to be used as a right-angle flashlight. Ultra-compact at 2.52”, this headlamp has 6 easy-to-switch lighting modes. This extraordinary light won’t keep you guessing what’s in the dark. View more rechargeable headlamps like the HM50R V2.0 that are sure to win over anyone at the campsite.


Rechargeable LED Camping Lanterns

Fenix’s rechargeable LED lanterns are top of the industry because of their high power and features. The CL30R USB rechargeable camping lantern is not only USB rechargeable, but it serves as a power bank to charge other devices. This lantern also features five different brightness levels as well as an alert flashing mode in case of an emergency. The durable CL30R rechargeable lantern is made to withstand extreme cold and heat. It delivers 650 lumens with a beam diameter of up to 35 m, perfect for lighting up a campsite or cabin.

fenix cl30r rechargeable camping lantern

Rechargeable LED Camping Flashlight

Lightweight and comfortable, Fenix provides a wide variety of rechargeable flashlights to choose from. The PD36R rechargeable flashlight features six lighting modes for maximum lighting of 1600 lumens over a distance of 928 feet (283 meters). Additionally, users will always be able to know the flashlight’s battery level status at a glance with the light’s useful external battery level indicator feature. Featuring an ideal balance between power and runtime, the best-selling PD36R is sure to be a favorite amongst campers everywhere.

Rechargeable Camping Lights

With the variety of Fenix rechargeable camping lights available, you’ll be able to illuminate the darkest trails and brighten campsites once the fire’s out. The user-friendly, straightforward functions will make these rechargeable camping lights your most trusted camping companion.