Fenix Lighting has one of the widest selections of high-quality flashlights to choose from. Whether you need an EDC flashlight for day to day activities or one for work, having a reliable flashlight is practically a necessity. So if you are looking for a reliable light source, gear up with one of Fenix’s best and brightest flashlights. With two of our flashlights currently throwing 10000 lumens or more, have the brightest light no matter where you are. Built with exceptionally powerful beams, the LR40R and the LR35R are some of the best 10000-lumen lights on the market. Whether you need it in a professional capacity or recreationally, have some of the brightest lights available with either one of these high powered 10000-lumen flashlights.


The LR40R and the LR35R are the best 10000-lumen flashlights. These powerful flashlights are not only ultra-bright, but they are packed full of useful features to help you in any situation. Count on the bright LR40R and LR35R for all your lighting needs.


The LR40R exceeds expectations throwing even more than 10000 lumens. This high-performing flashlight can throw an astounding 12000 lumens. Brighter than most traditional flashlights on the market, you’ll always have the brightest light source with LR40R. Small for the amount of light it can emit, the LR40R is only 6.1” long yet is packed full of even more user-friendly features that outdoor enthusiasts will love. Built with 11 different lighting modes including a strobe and SOS mode, choose which lighting setting you want and have hours worth of light. The LR40R only takes 3.3 hours to charge and is equipped with a battery level indicator so you always know how much light you have left. It even supports USB discharging, acting as a power bank to other electronics. The LR40R is packed with the brightest light as well as many additional user-friendly features to help you everyday.

The LR40R 12000 lumen flashlight is a favorite of first responders and search and rescue personnel due to its powerful spotlight and floodlight options. You can truly illuminate your entire surroundings with this remarkable light.

fenix lr40r flashlight powerful
LR40R brightest tactical flashlight


The LR35R is also one of the brightest flashlights Fenix offers. Throwing 10000 lumens as far as 1640 feet (500 meters), the LR35R will meet all of your lighting needs. Throwing such bright light at incredibly far distances, the LR35R measures at the small size of 5.5” making it the perfect lighting companion. Not only is the LR35R one of our brightest lights, but it includes many additional user-friendly features. The LR35R is built with a wide beam angle to have an incredibly clear view of 90 degrees. This improves its ability to light up everything around it as well as whatever you are focusing on. Additionally, the LR35R is built with an accurate and reliable battery level indicator so you are never left without light unexpectedly. This durable light is not only loved for its bright light but also for its many user-friendly features.

Fenix LR35R flashlight


Not only are Fenix’s LR40R and LR35R 10000 lumen flashlights super bright, but they are also USB rechargeable for your convenience. Our rechargeable flashlights were designed to be used in a moment’s notice and these ultra-bright rechargeable flashlights are capable of just that. Both the LR40R and the LR35R use a standard USB charging cord and can be recharged in any capable vehicle, outlet, or even a portable power block. Forget to charge your flashlight the night before? Use your car’s outlet as a charging port so you can have light on the go. Utilize the convenient rechargeability feature of these LED super bright flashlights.


The LR40R and the LR35R serve as work lights and recreational flashlights alike. Their ultra-bright 10000 and 12000 lumen throws make them an easy choice for tackling jobs that need extremely bright light. Both lights are built with high-performance features like multiple different lighting modes, long runtimes, far-reaching beams, and more so you can use them anywhere for anything.

10000 Lumens On the Job Flashlights

Fenix’s tactical flashlights and work flashlights are equipped to handle all of your lighting needs. Built with high lumens, rechargeability, and extreme durability, the LR40R and the LR35R will exceed your lighting expectations. These bright handheld flashlights throw super bright light far distances to ensure you have the best visibility on a job. Both rated IP68 water-resistant and dustproof, both of these super bright 10000 lumen lights can be held with confidence due to their durability for intense situations. Workers will love the user-friendly functionality and high lumen output of both lights. These bright lights also make great search and rescue flashlights. The LR40R, with its spotlight mode, can reach as far as 2100 feet (640 meters), while the LR35R can reach 1640 feet (500 meters) so you can clearly see everything near and far. Built brighter than traditional flashlights, the LR40R and the LR35R are the best light source to have on hand in those intense situations.

10000 Lumen Camping Flashlights

Having a reliable camping light in the wilderness is important not only for your protection but also for your peace of mind, which is why the LR40R and the LR35R aren’t just for urban settings. While these flashlights are great work companions and can even be search and rescue lights, they are also the best camping companions. With their high lumen outputs and long-distance throws, these super bright camping flashlights will light up the entire campground and forest. Hear a funny sound in the middle of the night? Combine both spotlight and floodlight using the LR40R flashlight and blast 12000 lumens into the distance or quickly turn the LR35R on turbo for 10000 lumens of light. You’ll never have to wonder what is out there again.


Fenix’s super bright LED LR40R and LR35R flashlights can handle all of your lighting needs. Whether you use these bright lights on the job or on your next camping trip, expect the brightest light source with either of these 10000 lumen flashlights. Not only do these lights throw bright light, but they are packed with high-quality, user-friendly features for your convenience. With rechargeability, easy handling features, and a number of different lighting modes, our 10000-lumen flashlights can get any job done. Use one of these multi-functional lights at work, on camping trips, or for both.