PD40R to the Rescue!

PD40R to the Rescue!

Ambassador Cody D.

We had a sustained power outage from some severe winds and while the occasional power outage that gets you sent home early from work is amusing, a power outage that leaves you wondering how will I heat my home or keep my food from spoiling is not something you hope for. Luckily I did not need to worry about light. The PD40R is right at home in emergency situations.  I used the light for hours on end cleaning up fallen trees blocking roads, and I then used the light to get my kids off to bed. It never missed a beat and the battery kept up all night.

One very cool feature is the light can be used in low while charging and that made night time without power much easier. Could any light accomplish this task? Maybe. But with the 21700 battery with 5000mah capacity I didn’t have to compromise between do I want light now or save my battery for later. Plus with the USB-C (charging from a battery back) I knew the light was ready in a matter of a few hours. This light literally saved my bacon because I used it while I refueled the generator to keep the freezers going.

When I bought the light I was skeptical of the rotary switch but that all went away after using the light for a few days. Turning the light on one handed is very doable, something I thought may not be the case. I do wish this light had a two way pocket clip.  The shear brightness of this light is almost comical as I compared it with light supplied at work and that only lead to coworkers asking where they could get one of these.

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