HT18 – Lazzzzzer! Not really but close enough!

So, about the HT18…

I stumbled upon this light due to the TK47UE. I was on a hunting trip and we were having a bit of a competition on who’s light was the best for doing night time animal counts. After the other 10 of us were amazed with the light that, by the way went through Harvey and took a real beating during a solid 72 hours of first response rescue, I wanted to see what else Fenix had that supplied a concentrated beam. Well sure enough…. they have continued to improve and move forward. They came up with the HT18! So, as any self respecting hunter, I promptly ordered one. There is no denying that the Q-beam of old is certainly a thing of the past. I don’t care what your long range lighting needs are – this thing is the end of your search. In my life, I’ve used 1, 2, and 3 million candle power spot lights; when that was the thing and if you are spot lighting for animal counts on a managed lease or spot lighting for night critters to reduce predator counts, you NEED this light. This thing is so small and compact for what it does and don’t let the lumens fool you. Fenix figured out how to hyper focus the beam and you can light up exactly what you need to see!

The heat production is minimal and you will not have to worry about the typical high output, but burn your hand exchange that other brands produce.  Fenix figured out how to harness useable light without oversizing the chip!

Next question…? Battery life… I don’t have fancy equipment to test the battery and didn’t do a turn it on and time till dead test, but I used it a lot and I cannot complain about the life of the battery. Flat out, if you want a spot light that will light up your target farther than you can see or shoot, then get this thing! Thank you Fenix for creating a product that is perfectly designed for the advertised task.


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