HM65R – If you have never used a headlamp, read this!

I know this is obvious, but the advantage of any headlamp is that it shines where you are looking! I knew this before I first used one, but once you experience it, you realize just how great that is. Especially if you have asked a disinterested person to hold your flashlight, while you are trying to make some repair in the dark.

The HM65R is a top-notch headlamp. It has a separate spotlight and a separate floodlight that can be used separately or in combination. This arrangement makes it very flexible. The different lumen levels of the spot and the flood make the headlamp useful for about any possible use. You can go from 8 lumen to a possible 1,400 lumen. Obviously, the higher levels use more battery. I feel the light performed very well at the lower and medium levels of the spotlight or floodlight, either individually or in combination. Personally, if you can afford it, this is the headlamp to get.

The headband is very comfortable and the weight of the light is not obtrusive.

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