Fenix UC52 Review

This light was surprisingly small. I knew the dimensions, but for the power it outputs I just expected a much larger lamp. The controls are incredibly easy to get the hang off, primarily because of the LCD screen that gives you instant info. You get battery percentage along with time left on the current setting. Down to the minute. That’s just amazing.

The body is sturdy. On my first use it actually got some tumbles, and while the surface got visibly scratched, the lamp responded as if nothing happened. Never had an issue. Charging is pretty fast, but I’ve only tried in the car, I can only assume that it’s even better from an outlet.

The beam is more on the floody side, but it’s somewhat narrow. Almost like a wide spot if that makes any sense. It’s excellent coverage. Ran it in the lower settings and it never ran hot. The higher settings will generate heat, but the lamp will automatically switch to a lower output if necessary. Specially noticeable on the highest, it will switch to a lower output to protect the lamp.

Very happy with all the features and specs. Have no doubt this will last years. The pouch it comes in is robust, not just an afterthought. A lot of attention to detail from the charging cable having a Fenix logo to the lanyard as well. Shows that everything has been thought out for this lamp well.

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