Fenix TK22UE Review

I love the outdoors and I love flashlights, but I also believe in having the right tool for the job. The Fenix TK22UE is an outstanding performer and covers all the necessary roles a tactical flashlight was intended for.

Whether I’m camping, tracking through the woods, or walking my dog at night, I feel safe knowing this light packs a blinding 1600 lumens of output and 405 meters of throw which is more than enough for home defense or incapacitating a would be attacker. Combine that with a 5000 mAh battery and you get over 2 hours on the turbo setting or 80 hours on the low setting.

I also love the added capability of the 3 tungsten strike tips on the bezel in the event I need to break through a glass barrier. The led emits a perfect balance of flood and throw. Other competitor brands seem to give me too much or too little in either area. I’ve dropped this light in the water more than once and have banged it around quite a bit and it still functions flawlessly.

Would I recommend this light to my friends and family, ABSOLUTELY!

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