Fenix TK22UE Flashlight – The Right Tool For The Job

Fenix TK22 Flashlight
I purchased a TK22 flashlight from Fenix for professional/work use doing private security.  I wanted a light that I could get some attention from a far distance away while maintaining a long battery life and easy charging.  I choose the TK22 because of the high Candela rating it has, the 405 Meter throw rating, being USB rechargeable when using a compatible battery and good run times. I purchased the Fenix ARB-L21-5000U battery which is their 21700 5000mah battery with USB type C port. This gave me everything I was looking for in a light for this application.

I’ve been using the TK22 nearly every day for nearly 3 months now. The battery life is excellent for the amount of light you get and I use it mostly on its brightest (1600 lumen) setting.

I’ve had it in the rain for extended periods of time quite a few times and it has done really well with no issues as expected.

The throw is quite nice giving you enough light to really make out colors of clothing on people from over 200 yards away. For one of my main job sites I can illuminate from one side of the property to the other which is very handy. The field of throw is wider than I expected, which isn’t a bad thing by any means. However, I would love to see this same light with a tighter beam down the road which would have any even higher candela rating and more throw.

The pouch it comes with is pretty basic but works for but would suggest upgrading it if you use it frequently. I opted to use a HSGI pistol taco pouch for open top access (due to how often I use it) and works on a gear belt a little better for my application.

Shown are some photos using the 4 brightness settings looking into a tunnel off a work site from about 30 meters away on a partial charge (think it was 3+ weeks since I had charged it).

Pros & Take Away Points:
1600 lumens.
144k candela.
Really good throw.
Great run times.
You can use 3 battery types with this light which are 123A lithium, 18650 or 21700.
Easy to use.
Turns on to last setting used.
Tail cap can be used while wearing gloves.

Doesn’t include battery unless you buy Ultimate Edition.
Basic pouch.

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