Fenix Product LR40R Review

The Fenix LR40R is an extremely bright, well rounded flashlight and power bank. It does have a good amount of weight to it, but for good reason. It holds a battery pack with 4 18650 batteries, as well as a ring of LED’s and one spotlight LED. This thing is BRIGHT!

I’ve taken the past month to truly test this flashlight. I’ve used it to walk through trails, check for animals in trees over 150 yards away, and work on projects that continued after the sun went down. The first thing that surprised me right off the bat was how pinpoint focused the spotlight is. Though it is “only” 1000 lumens, at about 100 yards it is just as bright as a PD35 at 20 yards. This is excellent for spotting things long distance. As for the flood light, it almost turns the entire area in front of you into daylight. You can’t properly explain just how bright this is until you see it for yourself. The battery life also seems to be exceptional. The only thing I would like to see change is the introduction of a battery extension tube that has a camera tripod thread in it. Since the floodlight spread so far, I found myself wanting to put it on a tripod and use it as a work light. Since there is currently no threaded hole for a tripod, I resorted to zip-tieing it to one. If Fenix designed a battery extension tube with a threaded hole included, this would knock out two birds with one stone, and would greatly increase the value of this light. As is, it is still well worth the price and I would purchase it all over again. This thing is a monster!

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