Fenix PD36R Review

The Fenix PD36R is the big brother to the PD35 series. Big improvements have been made with this one! Larger capacity 21700 battery, 1600 lumens and finally USB type-C charging! I picked up this light for the simple fact of I was looking for a new light for work.

1000 lumen lights are seemingly a dime a dozen these days but I was looking for something that was just a little bit more. Now don’t get me wrong, 1000 lumens is plenty of light. Just sometimes a little more would be nice you know? The 1600 lumens this light puts out is what I was looking for on the job.

Now the battery, 21700 5000mah battery is a really nice improvement. The 21700 size battery is somewhat new in the lighting industry and alot of companies are starting to use them. Its larger then the 18650s obviously but it’s not a monster in your pocket like the 26650 lights are. It’s still very pocketable. But what’s best about this size of battery is that it gives you a larger capacity which means longer run times. The PD36R also includes a battery indicator which makes it easy to keep an eye on power. Side note, the rubber flap that covers the charging port is nice and secure. It doesn’t accidentally come open on you. I’ve had that issue (I’m sure you have too) on lights before and its frustrating to say the least.

So my conclusion on the Fenix PD36R is… it’s a great all around light. Great for EDC, great to keep in the car, great for your tool bag and great as a gift! It’s a well built tough rugged flashlight that will not disappoint your expectations!

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