Fenix LR40R Flashlight – 12000 Lumen Monster

Being a Search & Rescue K9 Handler most of my lighting purchases recently have been among the small but powerful variety, such as the E16 & E18R. I’ve also enjoyed the hands free power of the HP30R but decided it was time to go all out. When the LR40R was announced I knew this would fit the bill.
Right out of the box the grip was solid, good weight but not too heavy with nice balance. As for the performance, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a light touting 12000 lumens but I must admit I was overwhelmed! The flood light boasting 11000 lumens on turbo was blinding inside. Outside it turned night into day. At first I was unsure about the spot at 1000 lumens on high since I have many 1000 lumen handheld lights. Where this really sets itself apart is that the throw at 640 meters (773 when combined with flood) was quite impressive.
The option of running both flood and spot together at various setting is also a nice feature allowing the user to customize to their taste.
Battery life is decent considering the power and as expected the unit does get quite warm after a few minutes on Turbo/High. Charging is made simple with the USB type 3 charger and is very quick. It is also an added bonus that the battery can be used as a power bank.
While this light is a bit of an investment it is certainly one worth making.

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