Fenix E30R Flashlight –

I purchased this flashlight directly from Fenix on May 28, 2019 and received it on May 30, 2019.

I replaced my last EDC light (Fenix PD32 flashlight) with the E30R because I wanted something slightly smaller than what I had been using. Not to mention the 1,600-lumen output on the E30R definitely caught my interest as well. The other feature which convinced me to try the E30R was the built-in USB charging design vs the need to remove the battery to charge with my PD32.

This light is noticeably smaller than most tactical / EDC flashlights on the market, even those offered by Fenix like my PD32. So I was very pleased upon my unboxing and putting it in my pocket for daily use.

The light is also lighter even though it’s not as obvious. But having carried the PD32 for quite some time, I could notice the difference when I swapped them out.

The pocket clip feels more robust and sturdy than others and is a reversible design which allows it to be clipped (light up) and also clipped onto the bill of a ball cap for hands-free use. I’ve used it on the bill of a baseball cap and while it is much larger than I would prefer for that use, it is handy when a headlamp isn’t an option.

The lens is a diffused/fogged out design which I haven’t decided if its more of a con than a pro. Having 1,600 lumens, I was expecting a little more throw than it does but it does allow for a good amount of overall lighting.

Depending on where you carry this light, the lockout feature may need to be used. I carry it in a side cargo pocket and have had this light come on when I leaned against something too long. It’s not something I have had to worry about with tail cap activated lights in the past.

The lockout feature is easy to use. A simple rapid double-click on the on/off switch will turn on the lock (shown by two flashes of the light) and repeat to unlock. I actually carry it in the locked position for the obvious reason of preventing accidental activation, but instead of having to click and hold the light for .5 seconds for the light to turn on, it will turn on immediately when unlocked which is faster.

Overall I really am enjoying this new E30R Flashlight for EDC use. It’s easy to carry, use and charge. The battery life is excellent even for those with frequent daily use and require a lot of light frequently without sacrificing portability or convenience.

Smaller than most flashlights with this level of output. Only 3.9″ overall length.
Lightweight at just 98g / 3.6oz.
Comes with a 3500MaH battery.
Easy to use magnetic USB charger.
Reversible pocket clip.
Easy to lock & unlock safety to prevent accidental light activation.

Not a great throw.
No tail cap button.
Does not turn on in the last mode used. It will always turn on to the lowest setting.

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