E03R Review

E03R Review

Work/Professional Ambassador Reuben S.

This keychain light is way smaller and way brighter than I expected. I was expecting a flashlight that was approximately the size of the keyfob for my vehicle, but it’s actually about half the size. What a pleasant surprise. I’ve carried it around with me for about a month now, and unlike some reviewers have mentioned, I haven’t yet had the light turn on by accident.

It charges with USB-C port, which is perfect.

I took a few photos to show how much brighter this is than the LED light on my phone, but it really wasn’t a fair comparison. It’s in a completely different class of light, so I won’t bother sharing those images.

As a home inspector, I was turned on to the 258-lumen Fenix TK11 back around 2008 or so, and I thought it was the greatest thing ever, especially compared to the huge flashlights that I used to l. I’ve moved on to bigger and better flashlights since then, but I still have my TK11, so I pulled it out of retirement to take some comparison images with the EO3R. This tiny little keychain light kicked the butt of what used to be my primary work light!

It has a much wider light, so it really does a great job of filling up the room. This is going to make for a great stocking stuff.

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