Ambassador Review of the PD40R V2.0

Ambassador Review of the PD40R V2.0

Ambassador Andy F.

The PD40R V2.0 isn’t the typical type of flashlight that usually get, but I am definitely glad that I got it!! The biggest difference was the rotary switch to turn it on and off. It took me a little bit to get used to it but after some muscle memory work I can get it out of my pocket and on fast as my push button lights. The main reason why I got the PD40R V2.0 is for the incredible 3000 lumens! With a easy twist of the rotary switch you can go from 30 lumens up to 3000. The PD40R V2.0 even has a 2500 lumens strobe for signaling in case you need it. The PD40R V2.0 has a built in USB charging port and is the fastest recharging light I own! The size is perfect for an everyday carrier and has a pocket clip so it can be secured inside your pocket with ease. I recommend the PD40R V2.0 for a perfect flashlight for any situation you may find yourself in!

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