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Fenix BC35R USB Rechargeable Bike Light - DISCONTINUED

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Product Overview

The Fenix BC35R is a USB rechargeable bike light specifically built for the urban environment. This light features an innovative visual cut-off facula line which blocks off the top of the light beam so you won’t blind oncoming traffic. The OLED screen displays current output and corresponding runtime so you are constantly aware of the light’s status. Built-in anti-theft device that smartly monitors users’ bike movement that will set off an alarm. Additional features include built-in 5200mAh Li-ion battery, USB rechargeability, and remote pressure switch operation.


Max Lumens: 1800
Max Beam Distance: 479 feet (146 meters)
Max Runtime: 28 hours
Lighting Modes: 4 brightness levels, burst, and flashing
Bulb Type: CREE XHP50 neutral white LED
Size: Length: 4.68″ (119mm) Width: 1.97″ (50mm) Height: 1.2″ (31mm)
Weight: 9.9 oz. (283 grams) including mount and battery
Battery: Built-in 5200mAh Li-ion battery
Included: Remote pressure switch, bicycle mount, USB charging cable, bicycle mounting shim (thick), bicycle mounting shim (thin)
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Guarantee from Fenix Lighting USA

More Information

Additional Features of the BC35R Bike Light

  • Anti-glare cut-off facula line makes urban commuting safer for oncoming persons
  • CREE XHP50 neutral white LED - max 1800 lumens, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Built-in 5200mAh Li-ion battery
  • Micro USB rechargeable
  • Battery level indication and low-voltage warning
  • Remote pressure switch for instant turbo
  • Quick-release bike mount, easily operated
  • Can be used as a flashlight
  • All-metal heat dissipating fins
  • Innovative anti-theft alarm
Fenix BC35R USB Rechargeable Bike Light - DISCONTINUED specs chart


Logo button = Functional switch Plus Button = Increase output level Minus Button = Decrease output level



Press and hold the functional switch for 0.5s to turn on the light, press and hold again for 0.5s to turn off the light.


Output Selection

  1. With the light switched on, press the “+” switch to increase the output level to the highest the battery level supports.
  2. With the light switched on, press the “-” switch to lower the output level to the lowest output level.


With the light switched on, double click the functional switch to enter flash mode; single click the functional switch again to exit flash mode.


Remote Pressure Switch

Switches Square Button = Pressure switch Bolt Button = Instant Turbo



Press and hold the pressure switch for 0.5s to turn on the light, press and hold for 0.5s again to turn off the light.


Output Selection

  1. With the light switched on, single click the pressure switch to cycle through Low→Med→High→Turbo.
  2. In any status, press instant turbo switch to activate 1800 lumens, which will last up to 20s. Upon release the light will return to the previous status.

Battery level Indication

With the light switched off, single click the functional switch to check the battery status.  The OLED screen will display the battery status percentage, and then goes out in 5 seconds. One: 25% Two: 50% Three: 75% Four: 100%



  1. Use the included standard Micro USB charging cable and an adaptor above 5V/1.5A, or the charging time will be prolonged.
  2. While charging, the OLED screen will display a charging icon, and current battery level will be displayed. The battery full icon will be displayed and the three switches will remain green when the battery is fully charged. The normal charging time of the built-in battery is 3 hours from fully depleted to fully charged with the light off.
  3. Once charging is completed, be sure to remove the charging cable and replace the dust cover.


  1. Recharge the light timely when the battery level is critical, for future use.
  2. Recharge a stored light every three months to maintain optimal battery performance.
  3. Only Low output can be used while the light is being charged, and charging time will be prolonged.

Anti-theft Protection


With the light screen is on, simultaneously press and hold the “+” and “-“ switches for 1s to turn on the anti-theft alarm. A distinct “DI” means the function is activated successfully. 



  1. When turning on/off the anti-theft alarm, make sure the security key is inserted in the remote pressure switch and the remote pressure switch is connected with the bicycle light, otherwise the alarm will not be activated/deactivated.
  2. Turn off the anti-theft alarm before unplugging the remote pressure switch to avoid accidental activation of the alarm. If the alarm is accidentally activated, plug in the remote pressure switch to turn off the alarm.


  1. With the anti-theft alarm turned on, 3s after the security key is removed the bicycle light will enter anti-theft status, and any movement of the bicycle light will activate the alarm (100-110db). Plug in the security key to deactivate the alarm; the bicycle light will exit the anti-theft protection automatically.

Note: If the security key is lost, turn on the bicycle light and simultaneously press and hold the “+” and “-“ switches over 15s. In case of loss of the security key, contact the manufacturer to obtain a new key.


Intelligent Memory Circuit

The light memorizes the last selected brightness level on General mode. When turned on again the previously used brightness level will be recalled.


Low-voltage Warning

When the voltage level drops below a preset level, the bicycle light is programmed to step down to a lower brightness level until Low output is reached. The functional switch will flash red when the runtime of Low output level is less than 10 minutes.


Overheat Protection

The light will accumulate a lot of heat when working on Turbo mode. The light will automatically step down to a lower brightness level to reduce the temperature, but turbo mode can be reselected.


Mounting Instruction

Bicycle light and remote pressure switch 

  1. Open the rubber seal of the light and plug in the remote pressure switch.
  2. Loosen the screw of the bike mount. Fix the bike mount in the desired position on the bike handlebar and fasten the screw.
  3. Loosen the fine adjustment screw of the handlebar mount before clamping the mount to the bar by securely tightening the set screw. Slide the light into the mount until a distinct “click” is heard.
  4. Fasten the cable of the remote pressure switch to the desired position on the bike handlebar.


  1. Adjust the direction of the light before testing the power and functions of the bicycle light.
  2. Use the shims provided according to the diameter of the bicycle’s handlebars:
  3. Thick + thin shims together: diameter 22-28mm;
  4. Thin only: diameter 28-32mm);
  5. No shim (whenever applicable): diameter 32-35mm.


  1. This light is a high-intensity lighting device capable of causing severe eye damage. Avoid shining the light directly into anyone’s eyes.
  2. The light will accumulate a lot of heat when working on Turbo mode. Do not touch the heat dissipation fins.
  3. The light features IP66 rated protection - can be used in rainstorms and smog, but do not immerse into water.
  4. Keep the light out of reach of children.
  5. Disassembling the sealed head can cause damage to the light and will void the warranty.
  6. For secure transportation, the bicycle light is not fully charged before delivery. Recharge it before first use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Selami Atay

I bought the bc35r by evaluating the comments here thanks everyone

Thomas Spellman

A little heavy for a helmet setup, but overall good coverage, and versatility, I give it a definite thumbs up!

Gavin Donnelly

Bought it for my son who is a Marine stationed in Okinawa. He said "it's bright as f@!k".


This is my favorite light for mountain biking. This has the widest beam of any of the bike lights I've used. The neutral white allows better depth perception while riding in the woods. The display with time remaining is a nice touch so I know I've got enough light to make it back to the car.

My one complaint is that after riding a decent amount the mount starts to loosen a bit side to side and there's no way to tighten it up. It the top rail of the mount was held to the band with a screw that could be tightened, I think it would be better (or at least some way to lock it down). I didn't notice this as an issue until this year; I used it all last winter on a few rides a month.


It' great headllamp, i can see ahead much better compare to others

Stuart Donahue

Beam is very distorted vertical lines projected I'm returning it. going back to the dual beam

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