LD02 Fenix Flashlight

Max Lumens: 100
Modes: 3
Battery: AAA
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The Fenix LD02 Flashlight travels anywhere 100 lumen max output light is needed. Three brightness levels in a tiny 3 inch package easily fit pocket, keychain, pack or purse with extended runtimes from common AAA batteries.

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Max Lumens: 100
Modes: 3


Length: 3″ (76mm)
Diameter: 0.6″ (15mm)

Weight: 0.6 oz. (16g) weight excluding batteries

Batteries: One AAA battery

Included: Battery

Warranty: Limited Lifetime Guarantee from Fenix Lighting US

  • Cree XP-E2 LED with a lifespan of 50000 hours
  • Uses one AAA battery
  • Digitally regulated output – maintains constant brightness
  • Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Premium type 3 hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish

56 reviews for LD02 Fenix Flashlight

Based on 56 reviews
  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Tremendous replacement for a lost Maratac

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  2. [email protected]

    Love this light. The small footprint makes it the perfect pocket companion. I carry it loose (not on a key ring) in the same pocket as a small SWAK and have yet to have it turn on in my pocket. It’s bright enough for small tasks (i.e. reading labels, peering into corners, etc) and lasts a good long time on a single AAA battery.

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  3. Charles T. (verified owner)

    I carry this every time I leave the house. It has been incredibly handy for small tasks, reading very fine print, and finding your way after dark, among many other things. I like this so much I bought this as a backup in case they should stop making it. I’m sure there will be small lights with better lumen performance. Indeed there probably already is. This is the right size and capability for what I need. If they ever put a 500 lumens with the same battery life in this size, I would be first in line

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  4. Chuck (verified owner)

    Fantastic little light that fits in the pocket effortlessly and casts a strong beam. I click it on and just automatically hit the switch lightly once to ‘downshift’ to the middle power. Sufficient for almost all tasks and battery lasts for months despite using the flashlight multiple times per day. Full power lights things up pretty well about 50 yards away at night. I clamp it in my teeth and work under the car, where ever, with light right where I need it.

    I give it four instead of five stars because the switch tends to actuate when it’s in my pocket. I look down and the damned thing is on, glowing through my pocket. Not to often, but… Also, because they have apparently discontinued it and offer nothing so compact anymore that uses standard AAA batteries. So, minus half a star for that too.

    The flashlights last for many years. I’m on my second one in somewhere around ten years. I bought a bunch of them for spares just recently, hence the solicitation for this review.

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    • Dianne (store manager)

      Hi Chuck – please note that the LD02 has not been discontinued. This light is now exclusive to Fenix Lighting and cannot be found elsewhere, but it has not been discontinued.

  5. Bruce (verified owner)

    Great for EDC in your pocket. It is perfect for those every day things that come up such as reading a label on the back of your router or connecting wires behind your TV. I use it every day. I would definitely replace it if lost.

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