LD02 Fenix Flashlight

Max Lumens: 100
Modes: 3
(49 customer reviews)

$38.00 $29.95

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The Fenix LD02 Flashlight travels anywhere 100 lumen max output light is needed. Three brightness levels in a tiny 3 inch package easily fit pocket, keychain, pack or purse with extended runtimes from common AAA batteries.

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WARNING. Be aware of counterfeit Fenix merchandise in the U.S. marketplace.

Max Lumens: 100
Modes: 3


Length: 3″ (76mm)
Diameter: 0.6″ (15mm)

Weight: 0.6 oz. (16g) weight excluding batteries

Batteries: One AAA battery

Included: Battery

Warranty: Limited Lifetime Guarantee from Fenix Lighting US

  • Cree XP-E2 LED with a lifespan of 50000 hours
  • Uses one AAA battery
  • Digitally regulated output – maintains constant brightness
  • Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Premium type 3 hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish

49 reviews for LD02 Fenix Flashlight

  1. thomas Fox (verified owner)

    Twist and/or button very handy

  2. Harris Von Essen (verified owner)

    I love my Fenix LD02 flashlight. It is perfect for my ultralight camping needs and I’m glad I took famous hiker Clint Bunting’s advice to buy this product. Total quality and much value for the price point. I’ve already put it to great use and am a fan of the brand. Keep up the good work.

  3. Alan (verified owner)

    I’ve carried this flashlight for 3+ years now and I love it! It’s got a good range of brightness modes and I like the clicky tail switch. It sometimes turns on in the pocket since the switch protrudes but it hasn’t been a big problem for me. The only reason I bought another was because I lost my original, it held up great in my pocket everyday.

  4. Tom (verified owner)

    Love the LD02 v1 for its small size, light weight, useful modes, and ubiquitous battery, I use it as my EDC. I do hate the provided clip for its lack of versatility and security. My workaround (after losing 3 flashlights due to clip failure) was to buy a Streamlight Microstream pocket clip, which fit very snugly, and allowed It to be clipped to the brim of my hat or to the side of a surgical mask. The tail button could be a bit more recessed, as I’ve inadvertently turned it on in my pocket without noticing, but I can put up with that. Thought it had been discontinued, was very happy to find the LD02 v1 here, I tried the LD02 v2, but hated the UV mode, integral pocket clip, the mode selection, and the raised tail cap. LD02 v1 is a superior product from a daily user point of view.

  5. ROBERT MUNDY (verified owner)


  6. john ackley (verified owner)

    I love this light. That’s why i bought five before you discontinue them forever. Size, durability, features (clicky not twisty, most of all) , battery life…all combined in a package that make it perfect for EDC even for people who do not normally endorse EDC behaviors…I wish you would keep making them.

  7. Lebowski

    Beast of a little torch. Lost mine a little while ago, and came across this review section while searching for it. Too bad they’re out of stock:(

  8. Frank Z. (verified owner)

    Awesome loght!!

  9. George (verified owner)

    I am extremely satisfied by the power strategy! With AAA power, it is important use full power only when needed. It always powers up at mid level. Going to full power, it will drop back to mid power after 3 minutes.

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome micro light!

  11. Jason (verified owner)

    Very cool, functional. Use it every day.

  12. Karl (verified owner)

    Seems like a very good light. I’ve had the Streamlight single AAA light, also a good light, but the old ones were better than those I’ve bought recently and thought I’d try these from Fenix. So far very satisfied.

  13. Robert (verified owner)

    Perfect for EDC. Not super bright, but plenty in a pinch.

  14. Barry (verified owner)

    great light for work and everything else

  15. David L. (verified owner)

    Nice light

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great compact light, much nicer than the version two of this light. Really like the E12 also, and the LD30 looks awesome.

  17. Mike (verified owner)

    I cannot say enough good stuff about this product. Get one, you will not be sorry.

  18. Bill Shymanski

    I’m not dressed until I have my LD02 ( version 1) in my pocket, clipped to a Leatherman Squirt – so many daily problems are handled by this combination. I was not happy to see the “new” LD02 V2 replace this version in all the usual sources – the Version 2 is longer, dimmer, in my opinion uglier, and has a useless extra UV LED. Enough light for searching the back yard if needed, or looking under a couch for a dropped item – so very handy when changing cables at the back of the TV stand! Quite reliable, I change the battery in it out of habit and less out of need. I agree the low mode could usefully have been lower, but for a simple 3-mode light the settings chosen are perfectly fine – it will run for many hours at 8 lumens, more than I’d ever need. If I plan out being out in the dark all night, I’ll bring a light with more capacity – this is the one I have when no-one else thought to bring a flashlight.

  19. Andrew andazola (verified owner)

    Love this little light for EDC. Pocket clip holds nice and tight and the convenience of 3 brightness modes really
    Comes in handy.

  20. Luke e. (verified owner)

    This is becoming my favorite Fenix flashlight. It’s so small and light, it goes anywhere and everywhere with me. In fact it’s clipped to my shirt right now. Love everything about this light. My friend ordered one as soon as he saw it. Fenix always comes through.

  21. Charles Fiscella (verified owner)

    Great little light! A drop of crazy glue spread on the clip side that pushes on the flashlight will cure any clip issues. It got 4 stars just because of my personal preference of not needing 3 different output settings. Minor personal issue. Fits on my Propper shoulder slit or Tac external vest carrier very well. Hardly know its there until I need hands free lighting. Thank you for the LEO discount! Thats awesome that you do that and very much appreciated. Respect.

  22. Joseph K. (verified owner)

    Typical Fenix quality and performance, this is my 6th Fenix flashlight, never been disappointed

  23. Richard (verified owner)

    Exactly the flashlight I’d been looking for….elegant and powerful.

  24. John Adolfi (verified owner)

    For the price it is a good flash light. A few design issues with the unit. I preferred the LD 01 to this one.

  25. Richard Nance (verified owner)

    Great EDC Light very bright. I replaced a small Streamlight. This Fenix beats it hand down. Do not hesitate to buy one or more for gifts. Well made and worth the $20.

  26. Ernesto

    The LD02 is, as far as I know, the tiniest and most effective torch for short-range lighting needs. I particularly love it. It came as a surprise that a retail camping shop had it and also its “competitor”, the LD12, boasting 320 lumens. However, the LD02 fits in the pocket easily. I bought them both within weeks.
    When nighttime comes, the domestic adventure begins. Sometimes, late-evening watering for my garden is a must, so I carry the LD02 with me to check un-watered areas or check if the geranium and its accompanying plants get fully watered. If I go out to the yard with the pajama short on, I clip the torch on to it, as it has no pockets. If the greyish cat is with me, I track his whereabouts with the tiny torch. He blinks a bit at first, but doesn´t show dislike. I also check if, by evening time, a strange object has been thrown to my backyard from the street (I have a shortish wall). Objects can range from nylons, cookies packs, plastic bottles, beer cans to objects so undecipherable that they might be from outer space! A few days ago, I found something like a bitten apple, but I´m still not sure what it really was. Anyway, I throw them back to the pavement, just in case they can be harmful to my cats. When my cat spots and pries on something on the ground, I turn on my LD02, only to discover it`s a critter (like a badly injured bumblebee) or a varmint. Sometimes they keep staring at the ivy, so I turn on the torch in case I spot a rat clinging behind it. Every time they get too focused on something on the ground, I close in and check.
    When late night comes it`s time to get my roan cat back to the house. I turn on my LD02 and aim at the adjoining wall (10 mt away) to see if he`s standing there. If he notices he`s being lighted, he usually climbs down. If he has crossed the street, then I turn to my other model, the focusable FD41 and aim from my door to the opposite shrub, he`s usually behind it! His eyes reveal him. If he`s not there, it´s my Fenix torch that tells me, and I search somewhere else.
    Sometimes the final chapter of the LD02 adventure begins close to sleeping time at 3 am. If I have to go to the WC, I tiptoe with my LD02 on low setting in order to go unnoticed by my family. As a bonus, I go to the windowed door and lights my yard, only to find it deserted or with my white cat sitting somewhere there. A very recommendable pocket torch. If it was for me, I really wish nighttime never ends.

  27. James S. (verified owner)

    I bought 3 of them. After a lot of on-line searching and comparing specs, these little flashlights seemed to be the best. For me, this is the best EDC flashlight available. My only wish is that there was a moonlight mode, as the lowest setting on the LD 02 is 8 lumens, which is fairly bright for some purposes. The hundred lumens mode (the brightest setting) is as bright as I will ever need. The run times are better than any other comparable flashlight, as well.

  28. Kevin Palmer (verified owner)

    Great light but the clip failed and lost it within a week. Unfortunate that it’s discontinued though, I would have bought another.

    • Dianne

      Hi Kevin – the LD02 is not discontinued – it’s just out of stock at the moment. We have the LD02 V2.0 available, but are waiting for more inventory from the factory on the original.

  29. Ben A. (verified owner)

    Great light, love the toggle switch. As a paramedic it’s my EDC.

  30. Bruce (verified owner)

    This light is very handy. I clipped it to my key ring to have it available all the time. You never know how many times a light will be handy until you have a handy light. This is mine.

  31. Wiliiam Milburn (verified owner)

    Clip failed lost it

  32. WILLIAM (verified owner)

    It’s too bad Fenix has discontinued making this handy light as of 2018. Gave 4 of these as gifts in 2018. When I tested the LD02 before gifting them, I really liked it. I wish they came w/ a lanyard as well as a pocket clip.

    • Dianne

      Thanks for your review William – we do have the upgraded LD02 V2.0 available now. It’s a little longer and narrower than the original.

  33. william m. (verified owner)

    Excellent flashlight…

  34. Wiliiam Milburn (verified owner)

    Good light – LOUSY Clip — Lost it in less than 1 day. Slipped out of my Multi tool holster

  35. Paul Y. (verified owner)

    This is by far the best flashlight, because of its compact size, easy to carry in your pocket and plenty bright! I purchase this one for a gift. I’ve been using it for over a year. I just worry about losing it..

  36. Robert W. (verified owner)

    I’ve had one of these on my keychain for a very long time and it has been incredibly useful on too many occasions to count. I’ve purchased a new one for a relative who has trouble in the dark. 🙂

  37. Derek Green (verified owner)

    I purchased this (LD02) a few months ago, and just love it. It is currently my every day carry (EDC) flashlight. I’ve had others. but the fit, finish, feel, and operation of this little power house are all top-notch. As much as I enjoy and like this light, I wish it had a few upgrades, because my “PERFECT” EDC would have it all. 1). I like the tail cap switch, but feel it should be the style that was on the LD09. That would give it a “Tail Stand” function, which the current model lacks. 2). Please change or upgrade the clip. I and others would prefer a reversible or dual directional clip, to allow it to be clipped to the brim of a hat to act as a temporary head lamp. 3). Add another light mode, either SOS or strobe. Please don’t get me wrong. Again, I love this little light. But because it’s missing a few options, I will have to give it 4 & 1/2 stars. Oh by the way… Give us the option to use a 1/2 star function on your rating system…

  38. Lee (verified owner)

    Good carry light. Fits in my pocket and you barely know its there until you need a light. Wish it had a focusable beam

  39. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The LD02 (version 1) is a really neat little light. I bought two of them for members of my household. I was specifically looking for an around the house flashlight and also pocket use as well. This little light is very effective and puts out a nice flood type beam pattern. Also, the greatest benefit that attracted me to this specific light is that it runs off one AAA battery. I carry a PD25 for my personal EDC, but the lights for these members needed to take a common replaceable battery that we always have in the house. Overall I definitely recommend this light if it’s use falls into what you are looking for. As a watch out it is really incredible how small this light is compared to the flood beam pattern it puts out you will be pleasantly surprised when you open up the package.

  40. dana f. (verified owner)

    Great pocket light!! Love it. Amazingly solid and versatile for a small light.

  41. Matt Stellato

    This is almost the perfect pocket light! My one gripes is its ends: I wish the lens and switch were set deeper. Everything, EVERYTHING, else about this is exactly what I was looking for: removable pocket clip, universal accessible battery type, 3 brightness levels with high being 100 lumens…. There’s nothing to miss out on with this in your pocket!

  42. Randall (verified owner)

    I keep this light in my pocket, it is basically the same size as my chapstick. It is reliable, and incredibly useful. There are so many times during the day that I use this. Having three lighting levels in such a small package increases the usefulness immensely. I have a second one as a spare…

  43. Guy (verified owner)

    Exceptional light for its size!

  44. GREGORY MUMMAH (verified owner)

    Great light
    Beam pattern is more “flood” style compared to the ld09 or pd35v2 – which I think makes sense on this light. Spec on high power is only 30mins of runtime, but I sware I’ve done more than that with amazon high cap rechargeables.
    The belt clip is a must have and very convenient.
    The best feature of this light is the tail switch. Every fenix light should have this tail switch. My old ld22 has it and it is still perfect. You have the ability to turn it on momentarily – change the modes – then click it constant on – and…. still change modes after with a slight button press (not full). Amazing. So easy to operate with one hand.
    If the ld09 or pd35v2 had this switch the joy would be hard to fathom. Instead, I edc this light.

  45. Lance (verified owner)

    This is a nice EDC light. Slim, short with a great clip. Not crazy about the tail switch but for a tail switch it has a easy action. When arthritis starts to set in you appreciate those thing. Like the 3 lighting levels. Pretty much required for current day technology. I don’t like that you can’t tail stand the unit and wish it came in colors but still a great AAA light for the collection.

  46. steven

    I have this light on a lanyard around my neck almost all of the time. Normally it is tucked in my shirt pocket for easy use. At 58 my eyes are fading and the light really helps see the small print and quickly find lost items. With a good new AAA battery the light seems to last for months. I let it hang turned on at night to light my path and it really works well. Its diminutive size is its advantage over even a AA size light. My only problem is ordering another when I mis-placed my first one-they were out of stock for awhile. Do not screw up and dis-continue this light. I have at least 7 fenix lights and have no dis-appointments in any.

  47. Todd

    Great little EDC light. Clipped to the inside of your pocket you never notice it, but always there to deliver a lot of light for such a little guy. I’ve had handfuls of other similar brand, small pocket/pen flash lights like the Foursevens, Streamlight and many knock offs, but this has been my favorite so far.
    I kicked it down to 4 stars, because the pocket clip did pop off on me a few times and eventually disappeared, so now I just drop it in my pocket.

  48. niloc

    I have had tk22,pd35,pd32,uc40,ld01,and now the LD02 is my edc ,it’s a perfect size and weight with three levels of useful light. I work on cars , do stereo installation and many other jobs that always require extra light , my LD02 is perfect for most situations it’s waterproof , run times are strong tail switch works great and it’s tough , I have dropped it run it over with my car and it’s fallen in the toilet and yes I fished it out washed it and it’s still going strong ! Thankyou fenix!

  49. Jimjr0405

    I got this light from my father who never took it out of the package . Figured the light would be ok . Well i turned it on , set to max brightness and had to cycle through to max brightness 3 times . Just could not believe a very small light using 1 aaa battery could get so bright .
    It has been a few years since i checked into flash lights . Im still suprised this little light using such a little battery gets so bright . 3 brightness levels is just right . This just became my every day carry light

  50. Terry

    I’ve tried several AAA flashlights and this is the best yet; I have carried it in my front jeans pocket every day for over a year. Things I like: -It always starts at medium brightness, then cycles to low, then bright. You always know what to expect when turning on. Perfect! -The switch in the tail so you can turn on with one hand; no two-handed twisting. Things to improve: -The light would initially turn on in my pocket by accident since the switch protrudes. Please inset the switch.. this would also allow the light to balance on it’s tail which it now does not do. I solved this by tightly fitting about 3/4 inch of tubing over the end of the light. This protect the switch and also allows me to hold the light with my teeth in a pinch -The clip is too sharp on the end where it protrudes (scratches your hand when reaching for the light in a pocket) and is mounted backwards; turning it around would allow for the light to clip to a ball cap and increase its usefulness. I solved this by using a clip from a different light I had laying around. Nice to have wish… it would be nice to have some way to know when the battery is about used up. But having said all this, I do recommend this light.

  51. Don Morris

    Just acquired this model and it has some very desirable features compared to my venerable LD01. Very easy to change between light levels.

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