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Fenix LR40R vs. LR50R Flashlight

What are the differences between LR40R vs the LR50R?

LR40R brightest tactical flashlightWhile the LR40R and the LR50R are similar in a lot of ways, the two flashlights offer two very different experiences for users. Both are extremely powerful tools, capable of blasting up to 12,000 lumens, and both lights have battery level indicators, allowing users to know exactly how much battery life is left in their devices at any given time. They also come with a discharge function. This feature allows users to charge other devices, such as a cell phone, using the flashlight’s battery. The discharge feature is a simple, convenient function should the user find themselves stranded or lost. Both lights are made with the same level of quality fans have come to expect from Fenix: they’re impact resistant, IP68 waterproof, dust-proof, and have lockout functions for safety. They are also around the same size and weight, making them unbelievably bright for a light of this size. If you are looking for a long distance flashlight with some serious power, both the LR50R and the LR40R make perfect companions. However, the way each of these lights function is completely different.

The LR40R is a flashlight, capable of functioning as a floodlight or a spotlight. This way, users have the option of a piercing spotlight to cut through the darkness with a max throw of 2100ft (640m) or an extremely bright floodlight to illuminate all of their surroundings up to a distance of 1345ft (410m). On the other hand, the LR50R is a true high-performance spotlight, capable of throwing 12,000 lumens over a see-it-to-believe-it distance of over 3117ft (950m) – that’s equivalent to just over over ten football fields!

fenix lr40r flashlight

Fenix LR40R Flashlight

Max Lumen Level: 12000
Spotlight: 2100ft (640m)
Floodlight: 1345ft (410m)
Lighting Modes: 11 (4 spotlight, 5 floodlight plus strobe and SOS)
Operating Modes: 1
Runtime: 92 hours and 18 minutes
Battery Type:
12000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery pack or four 18650 li-ion batteries
Intelligent Downshifting Sensor: No
Discharge Feature: Yes
Battery Level Indicator: Yes
Lockout Function: Yes

fenix lr50r flashlight spotlight

Fenix LR50R Flashlight

Max Lumen Level: 12000
Distance: 3117ft (950m)
Lighting Modes: 8 (6 brightness levels plus strobe and SOS
Operating Modes: 2 (General & Tactical)
Runtime: 58 Hours
Battery Type: 16000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery pack or four 21700 li-ion batteries
Intelligent Downshifting Sensor: Yes
Discharge Feature: Yes
Battery Level Indicator: Yes
Lockout Function: Yes

Brightness Modes

When it comes to modes and brightness levels, the two lights operate very differently. The LR40R has two stainless steel buttons, one for floodlight and one for spotlight. Pressing one of these buttons allows for users to choose between those two modes or in conjunction. In total, the LR40R flashlight has: eleven operating modes, four spotlights, and five floodlight settings. The light also includes a strobe and SOS signaling setting, which can be extremely helpful in signalling for help in search and rescue situations.

Alternatively, the LR50R operates a bit differently. It has two seperate operating modes: tactical and general. The left button activates the tactical mode which limits the light to its turbo, strobe, and SOS signaling settings. The right button operates the general mode; six different brightness settings to choose from but no SOS signaling or strobe modes. This set up allows the light to function in two different ways and serve entirely different purposes. Tactical mode allows for simple, but effective, use and ensures you’ll have plenty of light exactly when you need it without having to flip between brightness levels. General mode is perfect for choosing the correct brightness and runtime for the situation at hand.

Maximum Brightness For All

Overall, while these two flashlights from Fenix share many similarities, they offer totally different user experiences. The LR40R functions more as a floodlight, offering a super bright wide beam. The LR50R is a spotlight with the ability to blast a tight super bright beam over 1000 yards. Whether you are just looking to light up the world with one of the brightness flashlights on the market, or need the most reliable lighting tool as a first responder for search and rescue efforts, both the LR40R and the LR50R have what it takes to get the job done. Check out our full line up of long range flashlights on our site. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have any questions, feel free to contact us or chat with our LiveChat agent.

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