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Survival kits, bug out bags, prepper bundles; there is a ton of names for the different kits you can find on the market. The one common thing we see in most of the kits is inadequate, poorly thought out lighting solutions. D cell flashlights with incandescent bulbs? Really, are we living in the 1980’s. You need lighting products with the latest technologies, not your grandfather’s old light that was in storage.

After seeing these inadequate lighting offerings, we have decided to offer our own suggestions for different levels of lighting kits to support you in a power outage, car breakdown or disaster situation. Keep in mind that these kits just contain a few of the important items you should put together in case of an emergency; principally lighting solutions and their battery backups.

A basic emergency supply kit could also include the following recommended items: water, canned food, matches, radio/weather alert device, first aid kit, extra batteries, signaling whistle, sanitary accessories, basic tools, can opener, maps, and cell phone charger and backup battery option. 

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