Imagine you are mid conversation and your phone dies! Or, you are driving along, almost getting to your destination and your car gives way! Now, imagine, you are working or walking in the dark and your light source fizzles out! The first two instances may simply be an inconvenience, but the last instance can cause more trouble. 

Having a light that you can trust is imperative to everyday activities. From long-distance hiking in the woods to involved repair work on the factory floor, having one of the longest running rechargeable headlamps can help you accomplish any task at hand more efficiently. 

What are the Longest Lasting Rechargeable Headlamps?

We build some of the best-performing headlamps in the industry, however, the top three longest lasting rechargeable headlamps from Fenix are the:


  1. HM61R with a runtime of 300 hours
  2. HP30R V2.0 with a runtime of 120 hours
  3. HM65R with a runtime of 90 hours

HM61R — The Do-It-All Headlamp

If you are someone who believes in carrying one tool for several activities, then the Fenix HM61R promises to deliver on any task you set out for it. Whether you want long-distance vision, or up-close viewing, this multi-use headlamp is a perfect tool.


Powered by an included high-capacity 18650 battery, the HM61R can provide up to 300 hours runtime on Eco mode making it one of our longest lasting rechargeable headlamps. Capable of throwing up to 1200 lumens, the HM61R is equipped to light up the darkest of nights.

When you use the HM61R, not only do you get one of the longest lasting rechargeable headlamps, but you also get a light that can alternate between eight lighting modes.  A large side switch makes it easy for you to switch between these modes depending on the situation. 

In addition to being one of the longest running rechargeable headlamps, the HM61R is an excellent multi-use light that can be handheld, or clipped onto any surface. Easily remove it from the headband to have a right-angle detachable flashlight, use its magnetic tail to clip it to a metal surface, or use its belt clip to attach the light to your shirt pocket or backpack. 

You may often find yourself using a headlamp when conditions are less than ideal. For instance, you may find yourself caught in rain, or you may be working in a dusty environment. You can be sure that just like you won’t be deterred by the elements, the HM61R, with its IP68 rating, will not give up on you. Waterproof and dustproof, this multi-use headlamp is a tool you can rely on. 

HP30R V2.0 — Built to Perform

HP30R V2.0

From caving, to camping, to search and rescue, the Fenix HP30R V2.0 is perfect for situations that need the longest lasting rechargeable headlamps. 

This powerful headlamp offers an extended runtime of 120 hours on the low Spotlight mode. When you need to harness the power of daylight in the middle of the night, activate the flood and spotlight at the same time to brighten the surrounding area with 3,000 lumens of power. Perfect for extreme outdoor activities, this rechargeable headlamp is easy to operate using its rotating switch. 

In addition to being one of our longest lasting rechargeable headlamps, it also ups the convenience quotient with its portable battery case. Built for professionals, the HP30R V2.0 is a reliable and powerful headlamp. 

IP66-rated, this rechargeable headlamp is fully protected against dust and foreign objects and can withstand rain and heavy splashes. The powerful 21700 Li-ion battery on this light can also serve as a power bank for your other devices. So whether you find yourself without electricity at home, or in need of a power source in the wilderness, use the HP30R V2.0 to not only light up the night, but also charge your other devices. 

HM65R — Lightweight Powerhouse

A high-performance headlamp that packs powerful features in its lightweight body, the HM65R is a great headlamp that will take you from campsite to worksite with ease.


One of our longest lasting rechargeable headlamps, this light provides a runtime of 90 hours on a low Spotlight mode. Independently control its spotlight and floodlight modes to switch between diffused lighting for up-close tasks and focused lighting for long-distance views. 

Capable of throwing a maximum of 1400 lumens, the HM65R is equipped with a perforated reflective and adjustable headband, so you can not only see what’s ahead of you, but also be seen by others. This lightweight headlamp is made of magnesium alloy, which makes it a durable, yet lightweight tool to carry. 

This USB rechargeable light comes with a lockout feature that prevents the light from accidentally turning on in your backpack or pocket. A battery level indicator also keeps you informed on the status of your battery so you are never caught by surprise in the dark.

This lightweight powerhouse is one of the longest lasting rechargeable headlamps that delivers extremely bright, hands-free lighting in a small package.

Fenix’s longest lasting rechargeable headlamps are top of the line, delivering bright light and convenience for all kinds of activities. Their multi-use, high-performance features make them perfect to take you from work to play.