Fenix’s wide selections of LED flashlights are all incredibly bright. More energy-efficient, brighter, and longer-lasting, our flashlights are arguably the best flashlights on the market and that is partly due to their LED bulbs. With incredibly powerful lumen outputs and long-lasting battery life, our flashlights were designed to provide you with ultra-bright light. With such a wide variety of powerful flashlights, deciding on the best one can be difficult. While every Fenix flashlight is equipped with high lumens, there is one Fenix flashlight that is undoubtedly the brightest.

What Is The Brightest LED Flashlight From Fenix?

The LR80R is the brightest LED flashlight from Fenix. At 10.2” (259 mm) this flashlight can throw an astounding 18,000 lumens 3,707 ft (1130 m). Popular with search and rescue, outdoorsmen, and hobbyists, you’ll always have the brightest flashlight with the Fenix LR80R.

LR80R flashlight


LR80R flashlight
LR80R Flashlight charging set up
Fenix LR80R


The LR80R is an incredibly powerful flashlight. Throwing 18,000 lumens 3,707 ft (1130 m), the LR80R has the ability to light up entire areas with ease. Its LED bulb allows for a brighter and more intense beam while maintaining a longer charge. Not only that, but this high lumen flashlight comes packed with a number of other amazing features that were built for your convenience. While the LR80R is the brightest LED flashlight Fenix offers, it is also rechargeable and it has 10 different lighting modes. This high-quality light doesn’t stop there with even more great features.

The LR80R Is an LED Rechargeable Flashlight

Fenix rechargeable flashlights make charging your flashlight easier than ever before and the LR80R is no exception. This easy-to-use flashlight has the ability to charge via any 45W USB Type-C charging port, simply plug the LR80R into any standard outlet, a vehicle with a USB port or adapter, or a portable power block. The LR80R has an exceptionally fast charging time and can get fully charged in as little as 4 hours. You can then use the LR80R on eco mode for 300 hours or turbo for 2 hours. With easy charging and longer battery life, you can always count on the LR80R to provide you with the light source you need.

High-Output and Low-Output Lighting Modes

With both High-Output and Low-Output Modes, this flashlight provides users with 10 different lighting modes including a strobe and SOS mode to cycle through. The LR80R has 4 High-Output Modes and 6 Low-Output Modes. It can throw a maximum output of 18,000 lumens but also provides users with low brightness levels for softer lighting.

While both modes reach long distances, the High-Output and Low-Output Modes have specific purposes. The High-Output beam is better for the outdoors as it can light up entire areas. The Low-Output Mode works well at times when you need a more concentrated beam of light. Whether you combine the two for extreme lighting or use the beams individually, provide yourself with the ultimate bright lighting source with the LR80R.

Fenix LR80R output modes


This ultra-bright light has easily accessible dual stainless steel side switches for quick on and off access. Turn on the brightest flashlight by pressing either side switch and holding it for 0.5 seconds. Cycle through the 10 different lighting modes by pressing either side continually (depending on whether you are on floodlight or spotlight) or use both. When you are done using the LR80R, simply press and hold either switch again and hold again for 0.5 seconds to turn it off.


LR40R brightest tactical flashlight

Outdoors and Backcountry

With its spotlight and floodlight modes, the LR80R is the perfect companion for extreme situations. Use the spotlight to narrow in on something you see close up or far away and use the floodlight to see your entire surroundings. Cycle up to 18,000-lumens to literally light up an entire forest or use 50 lumens on eco mode to light up-close objects. No matter how you use it, with the LR80R you will always have the option to go up to 18,000 lumens whenever you want to.

Emergency and on the Job

While this powerful light is the ultimate camping and outdoor flashlight, it’s incredibly high lumen capacity and user-friendly features make it one of the best bright flashlights to have on the job. Specifically, this flashlight would be great for search and rescue and other emergency situations. At 10.2” (259 mm) and weighing 57.7 oz. (1636 g) including battery, users can bring it along on the job. Light up hard-to-see areas and watch as it helps find objects in hard-to-see places.


With such a wide range of uses and the many user-friendly features it has, the LR80R is a best selling Fenix flashlight. This light is loved by many and serves many different purposes for its users. From camping to every-day use, read some of the 5-star reviews the LR80R has and see for yourself how amazing this flashlight really is.

“This light is incredible. It appears twice as bright as the RC40 and I really like the high and low output modes which makes it easier to use indoors.”

“Really powerful lantern, probably more than I needed, but in my opinion it is better to have MORE and not need it than vice versa. Very well made, heavy (that is to be expected on equipment this capable) and casts a beam for what seems MILES! Very happy with the lantern and the company.”

“Best flashlight I’ve ever owned it can literally turn night into day!!! Amazing”


This insanely powerful and reliable light is not just loved for its 18,000-lumen throw, but also for the number of other incredible features it possesses. From it’s rechargeability to its floodlight and spotlight features, the LR80R is not only one of the brightest flashlights on the market but it is one of the best flashlights all around. Try an LR80R yourself and it will be hard to go back to a smaller flashlight ever again.