Talking Points – Fenix E20 V2.0 AA

Photography Ambassador Justin J.

Philosophy of Use
• Ultra-affordable minimalist design using two AA batteries for EDC use.
• Great for concealing just about anywhere. Hides and fits well in a jeans pocket using the included clip.

• Length: 5.0” (127mm)
Body: 0.7” (16.8mm)
• 1.5 oz (24g) excluding battery
• I’ve paired this light with a few pocket folding knives, along with a multitool, and they make great companions.

• Luminus SST20 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
• High – 350 Lumens
• Medium – 150 Lumens
• Low – 30 lumens
• Eco – 5 Lumens
• The ECO mode is just enough light to move around at night without waking everyone up in the house. I’ve found the medium and high settings are somewhat hard to distinguish apart from one another as they are close in lumen output. You could almost get away with the medium mode altogether, to be honest, and change the low mode to something around 75 lumens.
• The color temp is nice and I’ve not noticed anything weird going on in the quality of the beam pattern. Nice and buttery smooth.

Beam Distance
• 413ft (126m) on turbo
• I think the reach is more than adequate for a light this size. I can easily see anything 10-15 yards out in front of me.

• On/off
Fully press the tail switch to turn on/off the light.
• Output Selection
With the light switched on, tap the tail switch to cycle through Eco, Low, Med, High.
• This user interface is nice since you don’t have to use a side switch to change the modes. Just click the tailswitch to power the light on and then tap it to go through the various levels of output. It’s super easy to do with just one hand.

• Two alkaline AA batteries although Ni-MH batteries are recommended for the best performance.
• My favorite aspect of this light is in how it’s powered. Double A batteries can be found in just about any store in the world. Also, they are fairly inexpensive when you weigh the cost/benefit and convenience of this type of battery. Try finding a CR123 battery in a gas station or in a hospital gift shop. It’s not happening. That is why this little gem is so special. It’s bright and the choice of battery is on point!

• Made of A6061-T6 aluminum.
• Premium type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish.
• Automobile ultra-thin patented optical lens coating process.
• Fenix checked all the boxes on this one when considering the build quality. T6 aluminum is some of the best materials you can find. A lot of military branches use gear that sport this level of quality in the materials as they hold up over time.
• The pocket clip is nice and sturdy and carries deep enough in the pocket to make it a great choice for everyday carry.

• $39.95
• If you’re a new member you can receive 20% off your first order plus free 3-day shipping!
• Even without the new member discount I think this light is a steal of a deal at $40. The craftsmanship is spectacular once you hold it in your hand. The machining along with the fit and finish give you assurance it’ll last a long time. I was on the fence with the E20 V2.0 or the LD05 V2.0 as they are both the same price but differ in lumen output due to the choice of size battery. I ultimately chose the E20 due to the battery choice since I wanted a little more lumen count, and since the dual AA’s can push the E20 to double the output.

Track Record
• Comes with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee from Fenix Lighting USA.
• From my own experience, Fenix is a company that can be trusted and relied upon 100%. Their products are top shelf and offer years of reliable use.
• I consider Fenix a company that knows the value of taking care of their customers. Their customer service associates are very knowledgeable and courteous. Thankfully, you don’t have to take my word for it. Just look at all of the positive reviews on their website,
• Fenix packs a lot of technology into their products. I’ve yet to own a Fenix light that I didn’t feel lived up to a higher standard of dependability. When you purchase a flashlight, you need it work all the time, every time you press the “on” switch.

Final Thoughts
• Having two AA’s was a good choice as it provides a lot more power and runtime. When you hold the light it’s small enough to think there is only a single AA in there but somehow Fenix was able to outfit it with two. Great job!
• The pocket clip is a winner for me as it allows me to carry the light deep enough in my pocket but still leaving just enough outside the pocket to get my fingers around. Also, I’ve always been appreciative of the strength of their pocket clips as I’ve never bought a Fenix that came with a weak clip. Nobody wants to lose a high dollar light because the clip didn’t serve its purpose.
• The light feels great in the hand. I know a lot of people don’t think about that aspect but sometimes it needs to lock up tight in your hand when you’re using it. I’ve found that using it either in a traditional fashion or in a tactical grip with thumb on the tailswitch, are both comfortable and reassuring when using the light.
• I’m always fascinated by the way the engineers make some of the lenses. This one is a work of art and really disperses the light in all directions. You get a nice usable spot in the center and a good bit of spill on the outside.
• I would highly recommend the Fenix E20 V2.0 for anyone looking for a remarkable AA flashlight that packs a lot of punch in such a tiny EDC package. Thumbs way up!