PD36 TAC is a versatile light

Ambassador Frank W.

I bought the PD36 TAC primarily for a weapon mounted light. While I’ve used my other PD and TK series for that function, I wanted a light designed for repeated recoil. First thing I noticed was the feel of the mechanical switch on this light. It’s a different feel for sure from the smooth switch on the regular PD and TK lights. The mechanical switch is part of the mods to allow this light to function under harsh conditions. It also has a “full floating” battery where there are springs on both ends to ensure good contact and help reduce the recoil forces on the battery. In all, the light is very stout and well made. The full range of mounts and remote switches allow solid mounting in a variety of configurations. We tested this light on several platforms on a range day. After 700 rounds it was still working perfectly and was easy to swap from one platform to another.

The 3 position tail switch is excellent. In Duty mode all functions of the light can be accessed, including the extremely bright 3000 lumen turbo mode, which is seriously bright from such a small size chassis. Tap the button for 30, 150, 350, 1000, and 3000 lumen levels. Having a great selection of brightness really helps tailor this light to every situation. In the Lock mode the light can be locked both Off or On. Locking in the Off mode is excellent for transporting and when you want to ensure the light does not come on. The ability to lock in the On mode was something I didn’t realize until I was going through all the functions. Lock in On definitely has its uses when you want to make sure the light can’t be shut off. The Tactical mode is straight up business, either 2000 lumen constant or 2000 strobe, both of which get the job done well.

In short, this light is everything you can want in a tactical flashlight. I’m considering another one for EDC since it is so versatile.