With the Fenix LR50 LED Flashlight, the brightest flashlights now get practical.

fenix lr50r flashlight spotlight

The ability to go safely and securely begins with the capacity to see clearly. Even if conditions, including distance, stand in the way.

At the same time, even the brightest LED flashlight doesn’t deserve to make the cut if it fails. To maintain workable power over time. To recharge quickly between missions. To be carried and managed with confidence.

Few flashlights are capable of meeting these essential criteria. Much less generate the illumination suited for a bigger, more challenging world.

And working around other team members can’t be ignored. Flashlights that sense the nearby presence of others and their equipment – and protect them from excessive heat — are in an even more rarified category.

As part of an elite line-up from Fenix, the Fenix LR50R Flashlight stakes its claim on reaching over one-half mile. Flowing between eight lighting modes. Being able to downshift brightness to protect others.

All while fully recharging in 4hrs. for real-world scenarios where there’s no rest for the diligent.

Fenix turns the brightest into the best (LED flashlights, that is).

NIGHT BLASTERS from Fenix turn a collection of capable lights — featuring the LR50R — into solid choices for the most difficult scenarios to accomplish three objectives:

MAXIMIZE ILLUMINATION apart from, and in spite of, adverse conditions. That means concentrating lumens where they add situational awareness. And are not squandered on non-critical angles or sketchy lighting ‘artifacts’ that dilute the ability to see, discern, and then decide.

DEFY DISTANCE as 50, 100 or even 250 yds can come up short. When there’s a need for more long-throw lighting to locate, signal, or plan a route, the Fenix NIGHT BLASTERS make it easy to set a safer, more efficient course to the objective. Or gain important data points for future reference.

MANAGE POWER across lighting modes and levels to best advantage. Because not every moment requires maximum illumination, the range of Fenix flashlights helps you find the right light during an entire outing. Closer-in levels conserve power and provide guidance even as premium battery cells and wise circuitry make the mission last.

The Fenix LR50R turns 12000 lumens into success scenarios. For starters.

LR50R flashlight beam in dark night

Proving an LED flashlight’s capability on the lab bench or test range is one thing. Watching the Fenix LR50R Flashlight take on reality is another.

-SHOULD THE OBJECTIVE BE WAY DOWNRANGE, there’s a need to reach long, and fast, to get clarity about the situation. The Fenix LR50R Flashlight goes long from the start, hitting the 3117ft (950m) mark in an instant. Ratcheting back across lower levels makes middle-distance visibility easier as well.

-WHEN MOVING FAST COUNTS, the Fenix LR50R Flashlight is more grab-and-go than drag-and-stow. Tipping the scales at only 34.8oz (986g) including battery, this light is no beast to carry; even though the illumination it creates is massive, and well beyond other lights in the same weight category.

-IF TEAM MEMBERS ARE NEARBY, the intelligent, down-shifting sensor automatically notches the brightness back. That’s because keeping others safe from the intrinsically heat-generating nature of high-powered flashlights is one of the Company’s values. One that sees beyond even the elevated performance of the Fenix LR50R Flashlight.

And the power keeps on performing, come what may.

-KNOWING RUGGED CONDITIONS PREVAIL, the Fenix LR50R Flashlight counters the jolts, drops, and dunks expected in tough situations. Built from durable A6061 aluminum covered with a premium HAIII hard-anodized, anti-abrasive finish, there’s little to stand in the way. And that includes an IP68 rating of dustproof/waterproof to 2m.

-IN SITUATIONS THAT ESCALATE, instant turbo activation rapidly responds. At every point, the battery level indicator allows instant checking of remaining battery levels. Along with a USB Type-C charging and discharging interface that supports PD3.0/PD2.0, QC3.0/QC2.0 fast charging protocols.

All of this, plus the ability to recharge other devices from the Fenix LR50R Flashlight’s power bank, makes it easy to double-down on this light’s utility in the field.

The ‘Fenix Five’ factors that excel in a world of marginal products.

fenix lr50r spotlight flashlight

Five factors distinguish Fenix NIGHT BLASTERS from other brands, and help make selection of the best high-illumination flashlight easier from the start.

ARMORED SHELLS guard the LEDs, controls, and power supply connected with each light. Metal construction delivers the rugged rigidity suited to the design. Likewise, battery packs and electronic controls manage temperature extremes — and impact — while minimizing weight.

TOTAL OUTPUT converts high-energy batteries or rechargeable cells into meaningful beams up to, and beyond, 18000 lumens that carry up to 3117ft (950m). While not every flashlight user needs to go the distance, nearly every activity benefits from on-demand peak power.

RELIABLE COMPONENTS, including switches, take on the dust, vibration, and moisture common to field sessions. Even if inclement weather is not expected, the ability to withstand drops and jolts earns Fenix flashlights a place in tool chest, pack and vehicle.

ADVANCED FEATURES anticipate usage conditions. With power step-downs to preserve illumination to eyesight-guarding proximity sensors, the NIGHT BLASTERS scramble from mountain ridge to river bottom. All with safety and easy handling built in from the start.

WARRANTY & SERVICE happens in the United States, putting skilled eyes and hands on every product concern. Given the frequency of use that many Fenix customers depend upon with their flashlights, responsiveness is key. Even critical, in some cases.

The Fenix LR50R Flashlights ranks among the world’s brightest LED flashlights.

All told, Fenix takes a balanced approach to creating, testing, producing, and supporting High-Intensity Flashlights. While individual product specifications are helpful in making a purchasing decision, few products tick the boxes across the board like the four in the storied NIGHT BLASTERS line-up.

Only in this way can the challenges ahead be taken on with confidence. The obstacles to success, systematically overcome. The long-haul scenarios can be addressed in addition to managing everyday lighting tasks.

When more light equals better outcomes, the Fenix LR50R, one of the NIGHT BLASTERS, exemplifies long reach, beam intensity, and variable output. So that you can maximize illumination, defy distance, and manage power. In the real world you call your own.