Many customers approach us with confusion over the difference between Fenix Lighting (our company) and Fenix Store. Simply put, Fenix Lighting is the main U.S. Distributor for Fenix brand flashlights, where Fenix Store is just an unaffiliated online retailer. From distribution, to customer service, to warranty work, Fenix Lighting stands above the rest.

Fenix Lighting is the Largest Fenix Product Distributor in the World

Fenix Lighting serves as the official U.S. distributor and worldwide leader in Fenix sales, this allows us to provide better service to our customers. With established sales and marketing expertise, better distribution channels, and proper product storage, Fenix Lighting can promise a high quality and consistent experience.

 Serving not only as the official U.S. distributor, but also the largest Fenix product distributor, Fenix Lighting has the privilege to work with larger-scale reputable companies like REI, Grainger, and Sportsman's Warehouse. We have the infrastructure and great management to keep and cultivate working relationships with these valued partners and keep them fully stocked with Fenix flashlights. We back up all of the products we distribute with limited lifetime warranties, just like in our online store.

Fenix Brand Products

Fenix Lighting prides ourselves on being the largest Fenix product distributor and sales leader in the world, but what sets us apart is our commitment to Fenix products. Fenix Lighting only carries Fenix products and is not affiliated with any other brands. By doing this, we can fully dedicate our time and efforts to the Fenix brand.

Dedicated Live U.S. Customer Service

With a corporate office and showroom located in Colorado, you will know the difference between Fenix Lighting and Fenix Store if you ever need to contact our customer service. We have the means to handle all of our customer service in-house with no call centers or bots. Just real people with great product knowledge, Fenix Lighting provides unmatched customer service. If you call us up, email us, or chat with us online, you are speaking to a real person located in the United States - who loves Fenix products as much as you do! 

Live Website Chats

Another way Fenix Lighting stands out from the rest is through our live chat features on both our website and social media channels. Fenix Lighting gives customers the ability to chat with a live rep on our website while they shop and you can also use our chat to ask any question about new or existing orders. Our dedicated team has expertise in Fenix products both because of access to tons of information on each light, but also because we are all Fenix fans ourselves! We use these products in our real lives, so we are happy to provide advice on what type of light will work for what activity.

Call, email, or chat - contact us the way that works for you.

Personalization & Engravings

Whether you’re buying a Fenix light for yourself or as a corporate gift, there’s no better way to give it than with a personalized touch. We offer the exciting ability to customize certain flashlights through laser engravings. Add your name to your flashlight, a personal symbol like an eagle or American flag, or just engrave your phone number in case you ever misplace your light! We try to make our customer experience as personal as possible.

Corporate Gifts

Another popular way our custom engraving is used is for corporate gift giving. Put your logo on a flashlight to show your appreciation for your employees with a functional, yet personal, corporate gift.

Quick Fulfillment

With our extremely quick, average 1-day fulfillment, Fenix Lighting will get your order delivered fast. We have a warehouse centrally located in Arkansas so that we can ship to anywhere in the United States as fast as possible. You’ll never have to wait long for your Fenix light!

Dedicated Warranty and Repair Department

Fenix Lighting guarantees the highest level of satisfaction to our customers. We stand by our products; that is why we offer a limited lifetime warranty. If you have any level of dissatisfaction with your Fenix product you can contact Fenix Lighting at any time. We even have a dedicated warranty and repair team trained to support you no matter what the issue. We will always find a swift resolution for any trouble you may experience.

What is the Difference Between Fenix Lighting and Fenix Store?

Fenix Lighting is the official U.S. distributor of Fenix® brand lights while Fenix Store is simply an unaffiliated online retailer.

Fenix Lighting supplies products to substantial retailers like REI, Grainger, Sportsman's Warehouse and an additional 3000+ retailers nationwide, in addition to our online store. Because of this, Fenix Lighting has a robust customer service team, sales team, warehouse employees, and more. By offering an average 1-day fulfillment, a limited lifetime warranty, and amazing US-based customer service, Fenix Lighting has securely placed itself as the top distributor of Fenix flashlights. Shop Fenix Lighting for a superior customer experience on every order.