So I’ve been using the Fenix HL60R headlamp for about 2 years now. I originally picked it up because I wanted something brighter and rechargeable. It blew me away! Surpassed my expectations. Fenix has made several great headlamps but the new HM61R caught my eye. So I decided to try it out.

The Fenix HM61R is not only a 1200 lumen headlamp but also a 90° work light! This is by far the handiest headlamp I have purchased! It comes with a pocket clip so you can, well… clip it on your pocket. Not only does it have a pocket clip but also a magnetic base and a magnetic charger. Magnetic base works wonders when you are working under the hood of a vehicle at night or in an electrical panel at work. A battery indicator is built into the switch so you can keep an eye on your battery life.

The HM61R isn’t too heavy to wear. The headband is comfortable and breathable. I’ve been using this headlamp daily on the job for over a month now and has been awesome! The 1200 lumen turbo isn’t always needed on the job but I have to say it has came in handy from time to time. Runtime will depend on how much you use it and of course the setting your on. Using mine everyday on med (150 lm) and high (400 lm) it seems to last a good week before I recharge it. Also has a red led to preserve your night vision or to warn others of your presence.

The HM61R comes with the headlight, headband, 3500 mah 18650 battery, charging cable and spare O ring.

If your in the market for a headlamp or work light, the HM61R would be a great option for you. A headlamp and work light all in one!