Fenix E18R – Mighty Mini

If you’re looking for the perfect EDC light with plenty of power and run time the Fenix E18R fit the bill. Don’t let its size of just of 2.4 inches fool you into thinking it’s just a small convenience light for checking small spaces. With a maze of 750 lumens the E18R can easily light up a room. Setting go from 5-30-150-750 makes it’s a very versatile light. Run time is very good as well from 45 minutes on turbo to an impressive 70 hours on low. The light also features a nice white tone that has a decent throw of 446 on turbo which is quite impressive for such a small light.
The E18R rip us on one ARB-L16-700P Li-ion rechargeable battery with a convenient magnetic charging port. A magnetic tail cap also is a nice bonus for hands free use.

The only drawbacks are, as expected, it does get quite warm on turbo and there is no memory of last setting when it is turned off.

Otherwise the E18R is a must have for EDC or as a back up light.

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