Flashlights – Spotlight Versus Floodlight, Which Do You Need?

WHY a focusable light?

There are sometimes when you require a flashlight that can see far away and other times when you need to illuminate a large space. For instance, would you like a light you can take camping that will light up your entire campsite as well as a dark wooded trail? If you could carry just one versatile light that could adjust between spotlight and floodlight, would that be helpful? Yes!

WHAT – F Stands for Focused

Fenix’s FD series features zoomable – or focusable – flashlights that can adjust from spotlight to floodlight. Spotlight is a narrow, intense beam of light on one specific area or object. Most flashlight beams are spotlight, and many spotlights can go a long-distance and throw light over 1,000 feet. Floodlight is a large, powerful beam of light that can brighten a wider area of space like an entire building or football field. A floodlight allows you to see not only what is in front of you, it allows you to see beyond what is on your left and right peripherals.

Fenix FD41 focusable beam

HOW does it focus?

Fenix FD flashlights are designed to have a continuously focusing ring with 360 degrees of active setting. By a simple twist of the head, the flashlight smoothly transitions between a spotlight and floodlight. Once the user has the light in the desired position, the beam will stay put in the focus position unlike other focusable flashlights that require a locking function. There also is no abrupt demarcation between the spot and flood portions of the beam.
Like all Fenix lights, the FD series is designed with top of the line specifications. They have IP68 rated structure unlike most competitors who have IPX4. The IP68 structure is dust proof and waterproof. Along with being impact resistant up to 1 meter, these lights are built to work in harsh conditions.


WHO is it created for?

Focusable flashlights are designed for tactical and outdoor use. The adjustable focus is imperative for law enforcement and search and rescue teams as they work in different environments, under different circumstances daily. The adjustable beam is also helpful to anyone outdoors as you can choose your optimal visibility depending on your activity, hiking, climbing, pitching a tent, cave exploring, and extreme sports.


See for yourself…

This video, from Titane Decarnone’s YouTube channel, is a great example of the Fenix FD41 starting in floodlight, transitioning to spotlight and back to floodlight at the end. Thanks for the video Titane!

6 thoughts on “Zoom In And Let’s Get Focused… On Flashlights

  1. Hihi,

    Can FD41 use diffuser? I am seeking for a flashlight which can be used as a fill light in photo shooting.


  2. Technicians need a smooth floodlight headlight, without a hotspot, for close work. You used to make one of the few inexpensive ones in the market (the expensive ones are marketed to surgeons), the old HL10.

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