As a Master Maine Guide in Western Maine, I rely on quality gear to get me and my paying clients in and out of the woods safely. In the last 10 years of guiding bear hunts, I have been in some pretty challenging situations.

Most of our bears seem to be taken just prior to dark with legal light being 1 half hour after sunset. Most times the bear is taken quickly, and recovered easily. Other times, things don’t go as planned. I’ve had wounded bears ambush me in tight spots, often late into the night or early morning hours. We go to great lengths the recover game as soon as we can depending on the shot situation.

I’ve been using Fenix headlights since I began guiding and will not trust any other brand. Yes, I have tried them. I’ve purchased several different brands to have for hunters and folks that have assisted, and each time was disappointed by the light provided, battery life, and fit. All of them have since been discarded.

The HL60R offers up to 950 lumens and is a favorite among hunters and outdoorsmen.

When I’m trying to keep my folks safe and I’m on a hot blood trail in heavy dense cover, I need a strong, bright light. The light actually helps to freeze up a bear that is still alive, allowing me to do what I have to do in the safest manner. The other issue I run into is moose. During the fall, moose are in full rut, making it even more challenging. A rutting bull moose is not something that should be fooled with. My adjustable headlight gives me the ability to nudge off a bull that may be in the trail, allowing us to proceed to take care of business.

Fenix HP15UE Headlamp

I’m currently using the Fenix HP15 Ultimate Edition Expedition Headlamp that uses AA batteries. This light fits perfect with a cap on or not, and the adjustment in the position is just what I need. The various beam strengths is perfect for what I do!


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