Fenix experts give you the 411 on the most versatile flashlight choices for all your lighting needs

Walk into any outdoor retail store and you will see an impressive display of versatile flashlights, lanterns and headlamps. And online stores provide even larger offerings of LED lights. It’s easier to just receive personal reviews and rely on word-of-mouth referrals from friends, family and co-workers. This is why we asked the flashlight experts within Fenix Lighting to share what lights are their Fenix Favorites.

Beau – CEO: UC35 and HL60R

You can’t beat the UC35’s power-to-size ratio. This compact versatile flashlight has phenomenal power (960 lumens) and can be recharged using a common USB charger, which makes it my go-to light for home. And I love the HL60R headlamp. The amount of light it produces is perfect for night hikes or when I need to see 50 yards ahead with a wide beam. Photo of Beau hiking with the HL60R.

Fenix headlamp hiking


Patrick – VP of Sales: Fenix PD25

MY favorite is the PD25 – a true Every Day Carry (EDC) versatile flashlight with the perfect clip to slide into my pocket without a fuss, and easily retrieved when I need it. I typically use the low mode (50 lumens) most often – it’s actually plenty of light. But when I need to bump up the volume – I take it to Turbo (550) and it’s all that I want and more than I need.

Fenix Flashlight PD25 LED Flashlight


Scott – Key Account Manager: Fenix TK09

I love the perfect size, super toughness and simple functionality of the TK09. It’s bright enough for just about anything I need and the modes are changed through the tailcap so I can use it easily with one hand. It’s an underdog in my opinion.



Blake – Customer Service Rep: Fenix UC35

I love my UC35, because it can go anywhere I want to go, and I never have to worry about it letting me down. With its USB charging capabilities, I can forget about battery worries, and let the light focus on what it does best – giving me the output and versatility I need to feel safe and secure everywhere I go. Photo of Blake with the UC35.

Fenix UC35 flashlight


Karen – Marketing: Fenix CL25R

I’ve always loved camping and all the camping gear. The CL25R is so compact yet a versatile flashlight that it is ideal for all my family’s camping needs. The CL25R will stick to the car while setting up camp at night and will illuminate the family card game. The red light feature is perfect for ghost stories and the low setting can serve as a child’s night light after the ghost stories are over. Photo of Karen, using the CL25R on her most recent Hut Trip!

Fenix CL25R reading

Toby – Graphics Designer: Fenix TK35

Living in the mountains of Colorado, I am away from city lights. It gets dark at night…really dark. So whether it is camping, hunting, or just taking the dog out at night, I need a light that is very bright with a very long throw. The TK35 has exceeded that need for years. Super durable, waterproof, snow/cold proof, with an incredibly long run time, the TK35 is still my go to light for more than 4 years now. Photo of Toby and his pup, Bailey.

Fenix TK35 with dog
Hannah – Marketing Manager: Fenix UC02 Stainless Steal 

I like to keep things lightweight, whether thats in my purse or my hiking backpack. The UC02SS is my ideal everyday carry flashlight since it is lightweight (0.65oz), 130 lumens and USB rechargeable, so I can do a quick charge in the car. This baby never leaves my keychain!

Fenix UC02SS flashlight

2 thoughts on “What’s Their Favorites? Fenix Lighting Experts Give You The 411 (Updated 2017)

  1. I m a correctional officer and a reservist, my favorite light is the TK47 because its dependability, smooth body, durability, the fact that has 5 different modes, it gets the job done. The bottom light works fine when I need to read in the dark and I can use the red light when I m on the field training.

    • Huascar, thank you for your service! We are honored that you use Fenix Lighting products. Thank you for the comment on our new TK47 flashlight, we believe it gets the job done too – it is one of our new favorites! Thank you for being a Fenix Fan!

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