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  1. Please make sure your profile is filled out, including the profile picture! IF you have social media accounts, please like/follow/subscribe on the following: Facebook as Fenix Lighting USA, Instagram as @FenixLightingUS, Twitter as @FenixLightingUS, Pinterest as Fenix Lighting US and YouTube as Fenix Lighting US. As an Ambassador, you are required to engage with Fenix’s social media accounts in a positive manner.
  2. If you publish product reviews on your own personal blog (which is highly encouraged!), please make sure to correctly link to the product page from Fenix Lighting (not Amazon or other retailers).
    1. If you publish reviews on a personal blog, Fenix still requires a submitted review through the portal so we may use it for Marketing purposes.
  3. Please give out the Family and Friends Coupon, but limit the coupon to 10x per year.
  4. Ambassadors are given the AMBASSADORREVIEW (50% off) coupon code to purchase and review any Fenix product. Ambassadors may use this coupon 2x per year.
    1. Upon purchasing a product, please email the Ambassador Team and include what product was purchased. You are given 60 days to wright a detailed review. Please post the review in the articles section – photos and videos encouraged, but not required.
    2. For each Ambassador Review coupon, Ambassadors may not exceed more than two of the following: Flashlight, Headlamp, Lantern, Bike Light.  Ambassadors may order associated accessories with a product purchased, accessories will not be counted toward the purchase limit. Ambassadors may not purchase 2 of the same product with the Ambassador Review coupon. 
    3. If Ambassadors need more than 2 AMBASSADORREVIEW coupons per year, please email the Ambassador Team.
  5. In addition, we will be looking for Ambassadors to test and evaluate specific products throughout the year. We will select a small number of Ambassadors to test and evaluate certain products. Products that are asked to be tested and evaluated will be free to the Ambassador to keep.  With that said, please comment below on what 2 products you are most interested in reviewing and why.
  6. Fenix will give “Sneak Peaks” of new products that are not yet known to the public. Ambassadors are not allowed to share any private information, if any Ambassadors do release private information, they will immediately be removed as an Ambassador. 

Ambassador Email: ambassador@fenixlighting.com

Thank you!

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  • I recently purchased the E18R flashlight. First off the magnetic charge cord is very convenient. No more worry about bending the tiny connection from a small connector and because of this I keep it charged properly. This little light is amazing. Has settings to choose just the right amount of light. Who would have ever dreamed of having a light that was too bright for some uses! What a great problem to have. I keep a small backpack for essentials and minor emergencies in my truck and this light is part of that. A handicapped lady was getting in her car on a dangerous busy dark street the other night so I stood behind the car and pointed the light behind and car and down at the street…..amazing how people moved over. I am pleased with this light, however when the light is turned on it is on dim which is no problem except for an everyday carry I will buy a Fenix model like my PD25 that has a button on the back and will turn on to it’s last setting of brightness. There is times when I need the light to be fast and bright.

  • I’m a long time Fenix user and have several TK15, TK16, PD35, and a few headlamps.

    My first choice item would be the TK32. The Red/Green makes this an excellent choice for a hunting light (would be a great option in a headlamp!!) that can be used mounted or by hand

    I’d also like to test the HL60R in Desert for hunting and general outdoor use

  • The first item I would like to review the FENIX TK25 R&B BLUE/RED LIGHT FLASHLIGHT. It looks like it would be a good fit for my hunting a fishing adventures.

    For my second choice I would like to review the FD30 I think the flexibility of features such as focus and flood would be field worthy while camping or as an EDC.

  • Thank you for the honor of becoming a brand ambassador. I will be camping this weekend and will be sure to have my Fenix Lighting products!

  • The two products I’m most interested in reviewing are the CL30R Camping Lantern and the PD25. My family goes on a yearly camping trip and I’ve always been interested in one of these modern camping lanterns. Long gone are the days of the 6V lantern batteries. Backyard tent camping with my daughter would be the perfect test application for one of these lanterns. For the PD25, I’d be interested in testing the light as an EDC light with it being so small. My PD35 TAC is a little too large for EDC, but makes an exceptional home defense/security light for any bump in the night.

  • I’m really looking forward to being an ambassador for Fenix Lighting. More people need to know about your amazing products and I hope to be able to help spread the good word.

  • I would like to test any light, even prototypes. I prefer everyday carry type lights that are compact and can be used tactically (the PD35TAC bundle has been on my list for a while) and headlamps that can adapt to helmets (HL60R looks like it would fit my kevlar duty helmet).

  • I would be interested to test the original PD35 and the UC02SS.

    I have carried the Fenix TK16 every waking moment for the last year. The PD35 is similar to the TK16, but has a simple tailcap, has a smaller height/weight, and doesn’t have a strike bezel. This summer, I will be visiting Europe. Several countries in Europe have strict anti-weapons laws. In some cases, flashlights with strike bezels such as the TK16 have been considered weapons! If I were chosen to review the Fenix PD35, I would carry it with me every day in Europe this summer.

    Also for the last year, I have carried a Streamlight Nano on my keychain. The UC02SS is similar in size to the Streamlight, but it has a lumen count much higher than the Streamlight. It is also stainless steel (the streamlight is horribly scratched, I don’t think this would be an issue with stainless steel). If I was given the chance to review a Fenix UC02SS, I could do an effective comparison between Streamlight’s offering and Fenix’s latest offering.

  • Thanks Fenix!

    Items that would make the top of my test list would be:
    HL60R Headlamp: As a full-time traveler in an RV, this has many uses for me. The red-light feature would be great at preserving my night vision while working on night photography as well.

    CL30R Camping Lantern: What more can I say, a camping lantern that will also serve to charge devices as well? Once again another great item for always being on the road, BLM land, campgrounds, woods etc…

  • I want to thank Fenix for choosing me to become an ambassador for them! My first foray into Fenix lighting was about 7 years ago with their PD20 light. I wanted a small but powerful light to keep on my hip while on duty, as well when I worked for a private ambulance company. Since that first Fenix light, they’re the only brand of lights I’ve bought. I’m excited to have this opportunity!

  • I would love to review the BC30r and the TK20r.
    First, I have been cycling a lot more this year than previous years, and my bike light just doesn’t quite cut it. The BC30r looks like it would be a great addition to my Cannondale’s handlebars, and I would love to test out the features and modes it has.

    Second, I have a few Fenix lights, and they all have the same feature- the beam pattern is more of a flood light than a spot light. I generally prefer the flood, but I would love to test out the TK20r to see the differences from the flood to the spot and compare and contrast the different models that I own to the new beam shape.

  • I’m interested in trying out the following products:

    TK25 IR – With rail mount and remote switch
    I would love to review this light as a weapon-mounted light for low-light active shooting with long-guns such as AR15’s and FN TPS Shotguns – and anything else I can jam it onto.

    PD35TAC – This looks like a solid upgrade/replacement for my current EDC light, the PD32. This light would also be used for demonstrations in tactical low-light shooting and target identification. My EDC light gets used in high-end engineering environments for space and marine hardware as well as during charity work with spreading STEM through FIRST Robotics, where I mentor several teams of students with other professional engineers. If reviewing this product along with the TK25 IR above, I will also fit it into the rail mount/pressure-switch for side-by-side comparison.

    • Excuse me, the remote pressure switch I intended to link would have been the aer-03 for the TK25, it appears.

      The aer-02 would be suitable for the PD32 and UC35 I own, and the PD35TAC that is on my list for lights to try out. 🙂

  • First, I would like to say thank you for the opportunity.
    I’ve been a Fenix fan for years and I absolutely love your lights!
    If I had to choose just 2 lights, I would really love to test out the TK47 and the TK20R, both seem well built and suitable for my next camping/hiking trip.

  • I’m extremely excited about the opportunity to function in the Ambassador program. I’ve tried so many brand flashlights and for the last 5 years, I only buy Fenix. I just did a review on my RC 11 and unfortunately I took it on an out of town training and it didn’t make it home. So needless to say I’ll be replacing it at first chance. If you like small functional and reliable rechargeable lights then you have to have one of these.
    With all of the night time training I do and time in the woods at night prepping for hog hunting and use it for spotting at night with the color variations, I would love to get my hands on the LD75C and put that thing to use lighting up large areas. I’ve considered building a tripod system to set it up on. (Have you guys thought about that as an accessory on some of your larger lights or building a large scene light like Pelican has? We use them on the Firetrucks.) Also, I would like to try the RC20 and carry it as a handheld in my bunker gear during training and running trainings and see what kind of a beating it can take with heat, water, and getting banged around.

    (Also, I think if you guys designed and built a helmet light for Firefighters you would sell them like candy. There is only one real good option from Streamlight (with built in mount designed for fire helmets) right now and I would love to see what you could create.)

  • Hey Team!

    It’s so difficult to make a determination on what two products that I would choose for a review from my standpoint, but personally I would LOVE to try out the BC30R LED Bike Light. Some of my lowlight rides through the trails on my Fat Bike can be pretty dangerous in the rolling hills, and I would really like to put the BC30R through its paces and see how it lights up my ride! Standing up to bumps, and weather will also be a nice tidbit to insert in the review because lowlight bike rides on trail bikes always make for an interesting trip!

    Other than the BC30R, the HP30 Headlamp would be my second choice to review. I often work in pitch black areas evaluating security installations that are hardhat required, so something that can easily mount on my PPE, and give me the light I need to do risk assessments is mandatory! A ton of guys who wear hardhats constantly throughout the day (I only do occasionally) desire a tough, rechargeable, and bright light that they can activate quickly, and I think the HP30 would make for a great candidate for review. A lot of people forget that headlamps aren’t just for the outdoor community! A TON of construction personnel, and LEO/Military that I’ve worked with in the past rely on headlamps very often due to the hands free nature!

    Hope all is well with everyone! And continue to “See what matters!”

    -Jim H.

  • I’m most interested in reviewing the RC40 because I have never seen such a powerful flashlight before. What does 6000 lumens actually look like compared to 1000 lumens? Does it make a big difference? Another light I would like to review is the BT30R. It looks like it has a cool easy looking switch and the light can shine in different directions of each other. Something I would like to try while riding home after late nights at school.

  • I’m interested in reviewing the PD32 2016 edition and also the UC35. I would like to review the PD32 because it is a small lightweight flashlight that packs a big punch of 900 lumens. I want to preview the UC35 because it has rechargeable capabilities through the flashlight itself.

  • Thank you for such an amazing opportunity to represent such an awesome reputable company! I am very interested in a lot of lights… I have a pd35 and E05 which are both outstanding for what they were built for. I would be interested in testing/reviewing pre-release lights, the LD09, HL26R, or the CL30R.

  • Brandon C.
    May 3, 2017 9:05 am

    Hello to all of my fellow Fenix Ambassadors!! 🙂 To the Fenix Team, I really appreciate the opportunity to partner with your company and represent your awesome products! While my primary experience (as you can tell from my website review) has been with your HP25 Headlamp, I have also wanted to try your new HL60R Rechargeable Headlamp and your UC35 Rechargeable Flashlight. I’m primarily intrigued by both of these lights because they utilize the higher power 18650’s and they can also be charged via USB. I’m a huge fan of utilizing my USB power banks to keep all of my devices powered up when I’m out hiking, fishing, and tent/hammock camping. Thanks again!

    Brandon with Outdoor Survivalists

  • I would love to try the HP25R headlamp as a step above my current headlamp, I mainly use my headlamp to search for reptiles and amphibians at night and this light seems very versatile for on the go adventures with its many settings, brightness, weather resistance, and different charging options. Also, for all the same reasons I would like to try the RC40 while road cruising and looking for animals.

  • I’ve been a fan of Fenix for a while, so I’m very happy to be an ambassador.
    There are so many light I would like to check out but if I had to narrow it down to just two, I guess I should keep it to a couple that I would use at work all the time. I would really enjoy checking out the FD30 and the PD35TAC, both of them would be something I would use every day. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Thank you for the oppurtunity.
    I would like to try the tk20r as i have an interest in testing and reviewing the rechargeable lights.And also the cl30,i would like to see how this works out in camping and general emergency preparedness.

  • Christian G.
    April 30, 2017 2:04 pm

    I would like to try the TK47UE and CL30R. I do a lot of night hikes and these would be excellent to sample. The CL30R would be really nice for back lighting during night photography. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to be an ambassador!!

    I’ve been a big Fenix fan since the P1D!!!

  • I’d love to try a rechargeable headlamp, either the HL26R or the HP25R, for both work & running. I’d also like to see one of the smaller USB rechargeable flashlights, like the UC35. Rechargables appeal to me because you don’t need to deal with finding and disposing of batteries. I’ve also had batteries swell & break flashlights. I’m looking forward to trying out Fenix lights. Even before the Ambassador program, I would recommend Fenix to others when looking for a quality light.

  • I am excited for this opportunity! Your lights are what I put my trust in, and I have never been left out in the dark! I am always chasing the highest lumens I can. I just bought the TK75C and cant put it down! Though I always have my UC35 on me, I love being able to get that distance and intensity! The next thing I am itching to get my hands on is a TK72R. I love rechargeables and I love lumens! Otherwise I would love to test out a high lumen lantern for work everyday. I rely on my HL60R ( I have two, one is mounted to my hardhat) to see when I am running wire bundles in dark basements of 30,000 sq.ft. houses that dont have electricity yet. If there is ever a lantern that can run 10 hours on a charge and give me 1000 lumens ( even if its a large unit), it would make my world and make everyone on site jealous!

  • Ah, there’s soo many lights I want to try!

    Top of the list right now is probably the TK32. I love a good, high powered light that is capable of producing multiple colors. This light sounds like it has soo many uses. It would be perfect in my EDC bag.

    The BTR20 is second on my list. I’ve been in need of a good bike light for time. Always resorted to mounting hand held lights on my handlebars. Would be great for those late night cruises or trail sessions that run into dusk.

    I won’t stop there though. The HP12, PD25 and TK72R (when it comes out) are all on my short list!

  • Thanks Fenix for the oppertunity to test and review your product’s. Ive been very intrested in testing both the TK75 and the HP25R. The Tk75 I would like to bring it into the Hellhole cave system in West Virginia to test its super high lumen capacity on the massive rooms in the cave. Some spanning over a hundred feet long with some ceiling heights over 200ft. The HP25R I want to test in ANC Cave in New York which involves being in water the whole time. Sometimes up to your neck and theres even a part where just ur nose is above the water due to low airspace. Id love to put any of Fenix’s products through the ringer. Ill drag them through some muddy, wet and rugged caves and see how they hold up. As well as photographing and video taping the process through my Gopro Camera.

    What an awesome opportunity! I would be very interested in reviewing the TK20R due to its impressive lumen output and beam throw. I love my classic TK35 and the two lights have similar stats so I would be curious to how well the TK20R would stack up. I also do not own any full-blown rechargeable Fenix lights so I would be glad to have the exposure. My second choice would be the CL25R rechargeable lantern. I like the sound of this little guy and would have plenty of opportunities to test it out on upcoming trips. The fact that it lights up an area 82’ in diameter while only being 3.9” makes this lantern sound very appealing. In reality, I would be pleased to test/review any light in the Fenix lineup.

  • Thrilled to have the opportunity to test and promote your great products. I’ve turned just about everyone that’s ever hunted or fished with me into buyers. Probably shooting for the moon, but I’d be on cloud nine to test the TK72R. That things looks like a superlight on steroids. Love to see what it would do in a big cave system. Probably light it up to the point you’d need sunglasses underground. I’d also love to test either the HP15UE or the HP12. Headlamps pretty well are the standard for trapping, catfishing, amd hunting. I’ve owned, used and abused many but none have held up. Those looks like they can take hard usage.

  • I would love to get my hands on the SD11 for my next dive trip. My last dive trip went down to 95′ deep, where light is scarce, and my camera was not able to get the good shots I wanted off the southern coast of Kauai. It would be a must for my next dive!

    The FD41 would be another great light to add to my collection! Feral hogs are a nuisance that cause thousands of dollars of damage on my family’s farm lands. Hunting at night requires that we be able to make long range shots, so the great throw of this light would be just what we need.

  • Thanks, Fenix!

    I’d love to try out the HL60R or the HL50 headlamps. The rivers are raging right now, and I don’t see a reason I shouldn’t kayak at night.

  • Thank you Fenix! I am very interested to review the TK20R Rechargable Flashlight for its insane light throw. 1000+ ft!!! I am also very interested in the newer HP25R Rechargeable Headlamp. I think it could be a great hiking and wilderness headlamp and the run times intrigue me. I have looked at the HL60R but the turbo mode runtime on the HP25R is much longer. Would love to check out these 2 products! I have helped sell 2 PD35TAC lights and a smaller light just by showing off my PD35TAC. Fenix products are solid and extremely bright!

  • I would be interested in CL30R Camping lantern and the HL26R Rechargeable Headlamp. I would be able to put them through the ringer while on my backpacking and hiking trips planed for this year.

  • Hello Fenix!

    I am really into the HL26R, Or any of the rechargeable headlamps. Those are in demand in the backpacking circles. And the the TK20R.
    Gotta love the rechargeable lights.


  • Thank you for this amazing opportunity I’m very interested in the new tk 25 IR for night time predator hunting as well as the tk 32 both would be weapons mounted lights for night time hunting and search lights!

  • I would love to get my hands on any new high power headlamps to see if you can outdue the HL55. Also interested in anything currently in or coming out similar to your LD series lights.

  • Right now, my primary interest is the TK25 IR which you have coming to me already. As a TBV member, this would be a vital part of my gear each night on post. There is a possibility that I can interest other Texas Border Volunteer members in this light. I’ve already helped sell one TK75!!!

  • Both the 25 series rechargeable camping lantern and headlamp. I think these two items would be really good for car and hammock camping as well as travel back to the ramp when kayak fishing .

  • Just curious what’s the lead time on orders for ambassadors? I have some FTX’s coming up and I would like to use them then. Thanks!

    • Fenix Lighting USA
      April 26, 2017 11:43 am

      It should be the same amount of time if you were to order from the website without an Ambassador code. If you need anything rushed, email the ambassador team!

  • Thanks for the opportunity! I have long loved you lights and the next two products I had in mind were the PD 25 and LD 12 (2017). Both fit well into the lights I prefer.


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