Fenix Ambassador, Jim H. Reviews the HL60R Headlamp

The HL60R headlamp is the perfect combination of a robust, tough light with enough lumens to light the way, and a functional and light companion to accompany you on any mission. Over the last week, I’ve had the pleasure of taking the HL60R with me on what is a pretty normal schedule of outdoor and work activities that my life entails on a regular basis.

Jim H

HL60R at Work

At work, I operate in some pretty pitch dark places. I’m not really used to wearing a headlamp this bright, but the HL60R blew away all expectations. To be quite honest, I forgot it was even on my head as I was doing some routine inspections in lowlight areas!

HL60R Mountain Biking

I’m a pretty avid mountain biker, more specifically fat biking in general. I do a lot of winter riding, since my 4 inch tires can accommodate that, so I do look forward to the performance of the HL60R in the cold temps, but for now summer will have to do! I strapped it to my helmet, and took a ride around a non lit part of property near my neighborhood, during some light rain/fog. To say it lit the way perfectly is an understatement! Not only did it flex its muscles in being able to operate in the rain, but it also cut right through the fog and allowed me to see far far ahead. I certainly look forward to using it in the singletrack trails in the coming months!

HL60R Turkey Hunting

Lastly, I used the HL60R on a late season Turkey hunt. Since I like to get into the woods way before sunrise, the multi-lumen selector is key for not lighting up the entire forest during set up. When entering the woods, I put it on the lowest setting of 5 lumens, and found my spot. As the morning got later, and toward sunlight, I utilized the 1 lumen red light setting to take stock of my calls and gear to prepare for the hunt. The HL60R may be the PERFECT light for Turkey hunting, given its great selection of light settings, and the additional red light setting. The fact that I have the camo version makes it just that much better!

Overall, the quality and function of the HL60R is flawless. Having this light will certainly enhance my future outdoor activities, biking adventures, and lighting the way at work. After all of these activities, the HL60R’s rechargeable battery was still going strong, but I figured I’d plug it in using the micro USB for insurance during my next trip that I’ll share with the light. Using this piece of gear is a breeze!

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