UC35 2.0, The Clear Winner!

The newly updated Fenix UC35 2.0 has taken what I feel is already the cream of the crop Fenix light, and made it even better. I own two of the original UC35 lights and didn’t think they could make them better. The UC35 2.0 however has given it an edge over its older self. They gave it a bit more output, great lumen level spacing, an updated battery indicator, and most of all, an updated beam. This time around the beam pattern gives it much more of a tighter spot, giving it more range and a even more useable beam. This has made an already top performer, even better!

This beam has taken it from a great light, to amazing! Now this makes the UC35 light the “everything light”. I work in a construction environment half the time and find myself to never be outgunned on not capable. A lot of sites do no have electricity so seeing what you’re doing is at a premium. You can’t take chances as there are hazards at every step. The runtimes on the UC35 2.0 guarantee me that I won’t be caught in a dark basement unable to see. The great beam pattern lets me see across these large areas from one end to the other when I am searching for various things. The fantastic lumen spacing means I’m not wasting battery throwing at 300 lumens when I really only need 50 to walk around. The ultra low lumen at 800 hours turns out to be very very usable. Working close up in a control panel, or even walking in the pitch dark is very doable if you are trying to conserve power.

  The Fenix UC35 2.0 isn’t just suited for a construction site. This light is suited to any task. For survivalists, it boasts some of the best runtimes against itself, and competitors, as well as having the ability to hit the 1000 lumen mark. Its small and light, and charging with a solar panel is a breeze! This also applies to the hiker and camper people! 1000 lumens is the sweet spot on output. Anything more and you are wasting battery.  Anything less and you can’t illuminate large areas. Even the EDC folks out there have this as a great option. The ease of it fitting in a pocket with its lack of a large head does well! Usually in EDC, you are trying to get the best runtimes and intensity while avoiding something too big. I see this a a great compromise! In my humble option, I can’t find anything better out there to fit my need of work, home, and emergency!

fenix uc35 rechargeable flashlight

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