TK75 – The King has Its Crown!

Hands down, the TK75 will turn night into day. This is the big boy. Weighing in at 5100 lumens and a range of half a mile, this light will leave darkness behind. Search and rescue is this lights sweet spot. When there is no time to spare and seconds count, you need to turn night into day and be able to rely on it. The TK75 brings a lot to the table to offer to those men and women who risk their lives to save others. Running at 5100 lumens for over 2 hours insures the safety to look down valleys and up mountains with ease. But big power isn’t its only benefit.

The lower lumen levels (50 – 2000 lumens) provide the user with every output imaginable in a well spaced, well thought out light. I find 50 lumens to be plenty walking a trail or down a street at night. Given that it can run at 50 lumens for 95 hours, it gives you everything you could ask for in a full sized light. Jumping to 150 lumens/46 hours, and 450 lumens/ 17 hours turns this power house into long lived output. This is plenty for most general task and due to the long range beam pattern, does well for spotting the things that go bump in the night. Going to 1000 lumens at 6 hours, and 2000 lumens at 3 hours, tends to be more than enough to spot that raccoon dining in your trash, or search your property when something just doesn’t seem right.

The TK75 has a unique feature that it can use what is called the Runtime Kit. This is a extension tube and an additional 4 batteries that dramatically increase the run time for maximum performance. While adding size to the light, it makes it feel very solid and is still very rugged. The trade off for extended time is well worth it!

We used to have to rely on vehicle mounted lights to get this kind of power. Fenix has done it again with this 2018 King, putting it in the palm of your hand.

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