TK35UE Ultimate Search Light – Review by Ambassador Justin C.

There’s a reason this light is called the Ultimate Edition. The Fenix TK35UE flashlight boasts a whopping 2000 lumens with a throw of. When I received the light, I was pleasantly surprised at the size of this powerhouse. It is quite bigger than the PD35TAC that I typically carry, but one light is not going to be a best-for-all light. It feels great in hand given the handle design. I purchased the kit that came with the 2 rechargeable batteries and 2-Bay ARE-X2 Charger. When I installed the two 18650, 2600 mah, rechargeable batteries into the battery carriage and turned it on, I was shocked (and stunned) by how bright it was on the wall. I could see spots in my eyes for several minutes. This search light lit up my entire 1400 sq foot basement when I shut the lights off. One review on the Fenix Lighting USA website said that this isn’t a flashlight, it’s a search light and I can attest to that.

Fenix TK35UE LED Flashlight

The amazement that shows on people’s faces when I take them outside and it completely illuminates a tree over a block away is so much fun! So far it has been helpful on hikes where I’m needing to see whats coming up, including looking for wildlife at night. I have also used it when locking up dark building at night as it will easily illuminate a large banquet hall. I cannot wait to continue to use this light on future adventures. I anticipate this light to last a long time given the reputation and quality that Fenix Lighting USA has shown time and time again. The only recommendation that I could make thus far is that the holster could be more durable. I anticipate that it may rip in the future. Overall, I am completely thrilled with the TK35UE!!!

tk35ue flashlight beam

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