TK35UE Review

The TK35UE is another great light from Fenix. Designed for tactical use, it has many features users will love. Firstly, it has a solid aluminum body. If this would be someone’s first Fenix light, you’ll quickly find they don’t cut corners on quality. All of their lights I own could survive being run over by a truck. The TK35UE fits in the hand well, with ribs down the sides to enhance grip ensuring you maintain positive control.

The light operates very smoothly one handed, perfect for use with firearm. The amount of light it throws would stun anyone on the receiving end. 3200 lumens! It has the ability to throw the light directly to turbo mode if needed, no fidgeting with settings. Seconds can count in certain scenarios. The random flashing strobe would make someone unable to even glance in your direction. For security / LE professionals this light would be the perfect patrol companion. Target identification and suppression within the press of a button!

For any outdoorsman this light is a must have. It would greatly aid your blood trailing, checking traps, or walking in/out of hunting locations. Any task you need a light, the TK35UE will exceed your expectations. For campers it is ideal for situations such as investigating noises outside of your tent and finding your way out hiking. The light easily adjusts in brightness to allow the perfect levels for various tasks.

The TK35UE is waterproof and dust proof, ensuring it will perform during whatever weather conditions you require. It is powered by (2) 3500mah rechargeable batteries. They charge in a battery cradle, with LEDs indicating the current power levels. If you so desire, you can charge them using a USB cable in your vehicle. Additionally the light was designed with a lockout mode, so it doesn’t turn on accidentally and wind up dead when you need it.

Fenix lights are built for longevity with the Cree LED’s rated at 50,000 hrs usage. Their rechargeable batteries are very dependable, and a variety of their lights use these batteries. Interchangability of batteries can be of great value if you have multiple Fenix lights. Having these batteries represents huge savings against other brands still using the old, expensive CR123A’s.
I highly recommend this light to anyone who needs a tool they can depend on when conditions are against them. The TK35UE will take any abuse you throw at it and never fail to perform. There are no corners cut in design, or construction. It will immediately become an EDC light to anyone who tries one. See what you’ve been missing, buy a Fenix.

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